How to Become an Office Manager

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Thinking of becoming an office manager? Whether it’s social media, customer service, editorial assistant, publishing, accounting, graphic design, IT, human resources, event planning, or even recruitment, there are a whole host of jobs where office management is a crucial aspect of your career, especially when you plan on working as a supervisor or team leader within an office environment.

To start you off, we’ve listed some of the best Distance Learning Centre courses that will help with office management, including Team Leading Level 2, Office Management Skills Level 3 and Management Studies Level 3.

Team Leading Level 2 Course

Approximate Self-Study Time: 80 hours
Price: £250

This course is an ideal introduction to managing a team of people, and the exact skills required to develop yourself as an efficient worker and a team player. Alongside interpersonal skills required to form working relationships, this course will also teach the participant to organise their time effectively, delegate tasks, communicate well, and manage resources on a tight schedule.

Along with teaching applicable skills to an office environment, the learner will also receive a Level 2 certificate from ABC awards after completing the required coursework. The student has a full year to complete the course, with access to a tutor during this time for assistance.

For more information check out the Team Leading course here.

Office Management Skills Level 3 Course

Approximate Self-Study Time: 120 hours
Price: £250

As a Level 3 course, the Office Management Skills will introduce the participant to more advanced management techniques, including recruiting the best candidates, managing expectations, working with technology and using resources. This course will also outline legal aspects of employing staff and how to effectively communicate as a manager and superior.

At the end of the course, successful participants will receive a Level 3 certificate from ABC awards, and valuable skills to begin their career as an office manager in a whole range of industries.

For more information check out the Office Management Skills course here.

Management Studies Level 3 Course

Approximate Self-Study Time: 100 hours
Price: £250

Once a candidate has learnt effective skills and techniques, they will be able to use those new abilities into a real-life situation. The skills themselves are easily transferable to a whole range of industries, but at the core is management of people and delivering projects under tight deadlines using available resources. The Management Studies Level 3 course will cement those skills and allow the candidate to work with confidence in an office environment. It includes units such as Project Management, Crisis Management, Performance Management, Coaching & Mentoring and Employing People.

At the end of this course, the student will gain a Level 3 certificate from ABC awards, upon successful completion of the coursework. With 12-month access to a professional tutor and work materials, the candidate will gain confidence in management, which they can then transfer to an office environment.

For more information check out the Management Studies course here.

If you would like to find out about our range of courses at Distance Learning Centre, head over to our distance learning courses. If you have any questions about studying from home, get in touch with us today.

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