Turning your Hobby into a Business

Cake BakingHave you ever thought about turning your hobby into a business / full-time job? It can be a tricky transition to make depending on exactly what your hobby is, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility. A great place to start is a Distance Learning Centre Course, that will give you a solid grounding in your chosen discipline, as well as teach you everything you need to know about setting up your own business.

Below we have listed some of our courses that will appeal to those thinking of changing jobs to something they love, or taking their hobby one step further by turning it into a career. If your particular hobby isn't listed below, have a look at our distance learning course listings.

Cake Making

Approximate Self-Study Time: 100 hours
Price: £429

If you've ever been a fan of baking, or even followed the Great British Bake Off, you're bound to have tried your luck in the kitchen. This insightful course gives candidates everything they need to know in order to master the art of baking a whole range of different cake types, as well as techniques that will help inject a bit of creativity into certain bakes.

For those wanting to take baking to the next level and start their own business, this course details all the equipment required to tackle any challenging cake. Create cakes for different events including birthday parties, weddings and celebrations, and soon you'll be inundated with orders. Upon completion, candidates will receive a Level 2 Certificate of Achievement from ABC awards.

Find out more about our Cake Making Course.

Digital Photography

Approximate Self-Study Time: 140 hours
Price: £312

For those who are obsessed with capturing the perfect photo, there are plenty opportunities for avid photographers to make a living from their snaps. First port of call should be Distance Learning Centre's Digital Photography Course, which allows candidates to not only gain a solid foundation of photography knowledge, but also find out the various ways in which photographers can make a living.

The course will ensure that candidates have an in-depth knowledge of lighting, composition, exposure and digital editing. Once they have completed the course, they will receive a Certificate of Achievement from ABC awards.

Whether it's providing captivating images for magazines or newspapers, or even saving wonderful memories as a wedding photographer, a photographer can make a living in many different industries. For the potential candidate, it's simply about deciding what to specialise in.

Find out more about our Digital Photography Course.

Garden Design

Approximate Self-Study Time: 120 hours
Price: £275

Does your passion for gardening give you more enjoyment than your current career path? Our Garden Design course is an ideal start on your way to making gardening your full-time pursuit, with all of the key information you need to not only improve your skills, but also set up your very own business.

Within 14 units, candidates will learn everything they need to know, including the basic elements of designing a garden, planning, assessing a potential site, soil consideration, water features and other structures to name a few. Once candidates have completed the course, they will receive a Certificate of Achievement from ABC awards.

Find out more about our Garden Design Course.

If you have any questions about any of the above courses, feel free to get in touch with the Distance Learning Centre today.

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