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When it comes to choosing Christmas presents, some people can be very difficult to buy for. Whether it's the teenager that seemingly has everything, to the dad you've only ever bought beer for, it's not always easy to get a present that they will truly appreciate. 

Buy an Alternative Christmas Gift

Christmas Present
It may seem like an unusual Christmas present, but sometimes it's good to think outside the box. Have they ever spoken about something they wish they could learn? Or if they had the time and money, a hobby that they wish they could turn into a career. So why not give them that chance by purchasing a course for them at Distance Learning Centre?
Below we have listed some of our must have courses that are the perfect gift this Christmas. They are so perfect in fact, that from now until Christmas, you can receive 10% off each course. You never know, your gift could be just the start of a lifelong passion, or the beginnings of a new career. You just gave them a little nudge in the right direction by giving them a course for Christmas.

Adobe Photoshop

Approximate self-study Time: 80 hours
Price: £150 £135
For those interested in graphic design, the Adobe Photoshop CC Course is a fantastic way to learn about the basics of image editing and enhancing. This piece of software is now the industry standard, and an early knowledge of how it works is essential for those wanting a career as a digital designer across a range of industries including digital marketing, advertising, publishing, fashion and even architecture to name a few.
Giving this course as a Christmas present would be ideal for a teenager who is thinking of early career choices, or even someone already involved in the aforementioned industries who would like to add another skill to their repertoire. In addition, the 7 days Free Trial from Adobe will help you get started, and after that students can choose from several Creative Cloud payment options.
Use code: APS10

Ruby for Beginners

Approximate self-study time: 140 hours
Price: £225 £202.50
Many careers nowadays are focussed around the ability to use computers to a highly advanced level, included professions that require the employee to work with programming languages to create new software. A great start to this would be to take the Ruby for Beginners course, which gives candidates an introduction into programming languages and how they can be used to create basic games.
This course would be perfect for those younger students who have a vested interest in computers by learning about coding at school, or even those looking to retrain to make a transition into being a programmer or developer in industry. 
Use code: RUBY10 

Start your Own Business Course

Approximate self-study time: 90 hours
Price: £195 £175.50
Have you got a friend or family member who has always talked about starting their own business, but never done it? Well, our Starting your own Business course is a fantastic way of giving them that nudge they so desperately need to get going. 
An enrolled candidate can expect to learn everything they need to know about setting up a business on their own, including creating a business plan, analysing the marketplace, and funding the business. These basic starting points will turn a business dream into a quick reality, and give candidates the confidence to proceed with setting up as a small business.
Use code: SYOB10  

Aromatherapy Course

Approximate self-study time: 100 hours
Price: £175 £157.50
If you know someone who is keen on beauty treatments and always has a recommendation for a new therapy, they might be interested in studying the subject themselves. Why not enrol them in our Aromatherapy course for them to learn all the basics around this style of treatment?
The course includes modules on the History of Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, The Power of Smell, Applying Carrier Oils and Massage. It should give the candidate all the skills they would need to perform the therapies themselves in a safe and relaxing way. You never know, it could be the start of them setting up their very own business in beauty treatments!
Use code: AROM10  

Remember, these courses can only be redeemed at the cheaper price up until the 25/12/17, so make sure you act fast and give a course this Christmas! The last day we will be dispatching any courses before Christmas will be Thursday 21st December.
For more information about Distance Learning Centre, or if you have any questions about our courses, get in touch with us today.

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