Opening Doors with Distance Learning?

How Can a Distance Learning Course Open Up New Doors for You?

If there is any doubt in your mind that gaining new knowledge, skills and qualifications can be a life changing experience, you need only to hear about the experiences of other people who have successfully completed a course of study and have gone on to find that new opportunities have opened up to them as a result. Depending on the subject area and the kind of course you are interested in studying, the new knowledge you acquire could lead to a wide variety of benefits, such as improved employment prospects, the knowledge and self-belief to start up your own business or the insight and skills to help you become a more confident and effective person, not just within the workplace but in other areas of your daily life. It goes without saying that there are a variety of options available to anyone who is interested in embarking on a course of study, from evening classes to full time study at a college or other education establishment. However, because of the flexibility it affords, many people find that distance learning is the most practical option for their situation.

Flexing Your Options: Learning On Your Own Terms

Most adults have a considerable range of responsibilities and obligations in both their work life and in terms of family commitments. This can make it difficult if they wish to set aside some time to study in order to acquire new skills or qualifications. Certainly it may prove difficult to commit to an external class, even an evening class which is held just once a week, when you don’t know from one day to the next whether you will be available to attend. All too often, people embark on a new course with great enthusiasm, but find that after missed a few of the scheduled classes they have fallen so far behind the rest of the class that the idea of catching up again is a daunting, even disheartening, one. The beauty of distance learning is that students do not have to make their way across town to attend classes at a fixed times, but instead have a little more flexibility in when and where they study. This allows them to fit their studies around the rest of their busy lives.
There is one group who above all else can benefit from more flexible learning options such as learning from home. This group is people with disabilities, whether physical ones that make it difficult to access campus buildings or mental ones which may require learning when it is good for them rather than to a fixed schedule. That being said, studying with a disability in the UK does come with significant help from the government and the NHS. Information on the subject can be found online and have outlined the funds and grants available for students with disabilities. These include disabled students’ allowance, NHS disabled students allowance, personal independence payment and help toward travel costs. There is financial help available for distance learners too. The Open University provides grants and funds to help students with disabilities too.

Ahead of the Curve with Educational Technology

Today, information technology and education go hand in hand. This is hardly surprising, given the extent of the impact that technology has had on almost every nook and cranny of our daily lives. It is far from rare for a person to own multiple devices, from smartphones to various kinds of tablets to laptop computers and PCs, all of which can be used to enable them to access email and to view web pages. In the case of students, these devices can be used to access study modules or recommended texts as well as to correspond with their tutors or advisors. While traditional universities have recently met with criticism for a perceived failure to integrate educational technology in such a way as to provide the best possible learning facilities for their students, distance learning is at the forefront of using a wide variety of educational technology, both hardware and software, to help their students.

Changing Your Career or Even Changing Your Life

Some people just enjoy acquiring new knowledge and skills and that is a perfectly good reason to embark on a distance learning course or any other educational course. However, many other individuals take the decision to enrol on a course because they are not satisfied with their current situation and would like to make positive changes in their lives. Often this means obtaining the skills that will qualify them to apply for a promotion or take on new responsibilities in their current job. It may, alternatively, provide them with the option of changing careers to move into something that is better paid, more interesting, more satisfying or all three! Still other people are interested in leaving employment altogether and starting up their own business. They may already have some knowledge of the subject they plan to study, but need to gain more in depth knowledge before they take the plunge of becoming self-employed and seeking out clients for their new business. Depending on the course, some may also be looking for skills that they can use beyond the workplace to enhance their lives, such as building their confidence and self-esteem or learning more about childcare or psychology that they can apply to help to deal effectively with many situations that they may encounter in the course of their lives.


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