Short Course With A Big Impact

Homes StudyingReturning to education or taking a course to further your qualifications and help you advance your career does not necessarily mean taking years out to complete a course of study. You can choose a shorter course that will have just as much impact on your life while fitting easily around your busy routine. 
Shorter courses will take fewer hours, but you will be studying a condensed syllabus that will still give you the qualification you want.
Our shortest courses are between 20 to 80 hours of self-study, with paper-based course materials and assessments to complete. You will be awarded an accredited Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the course.
Although 80 hours might sound like a hefty chunk of your time, when spread over 12 months it equates to around 6 and a half hours a month, or ten minutes a day. Shorter courses not only require less time commitment for those with busy lives, but they also provide a quick route to accreditation for those looking to bolster their CV in a hurry. 
We know life can be unpredictable, and these introductory courses provide you with the support needed to segue into a new career or take advantage of the new senior role that suddenly becomes available and you’ve always fancied trying your hand at. 
Here is a selection of our shorter courses:
1.Support Work in Schools (QCF) Level 2 (80 hours)
2.Starting a Childcare Business Course (80 hours)
3.Introduction to Counselling Course (80 hours)
4.Introduction to Self-Employment Home Study Course (40 hours)
5.Workplace Psychology Course (80 hours)
6.Blogging for Business Online Course (20 hours)
7.Nutrition and Lifestyle Course (80 hours)
8.Interior Design Course (80 hours)
9.Fiction Writing Course (80 hours)
10.Freelance Journalism Course (80 hours)
11.Travel & Tourism Course (80 hours)
12.Personal Skills Course (80 hours)
13.Managing Stress Course (80 hours) 
14.Employment Skills Course (70 hours) 
15.Effective Business Communication Course (80 hours)
Any one of these courses can nourish your mind and prepare you for a new role or a further course of study on that subject. Don’t forget that students still benefit from the support of a tutor for twelve months!
With some of our courses being up to 700 hours of study, the 20 to 80-hour courses are the shortest courses we have available and can easily slot into a busy life, with the bonus of being able to build on them with further courses to become even more qualified in your chosen area. Think of the sense of achievement you’ll feel after learning a totally new skill in just 20 or 80 hours!
If you’d like to know what previous students have said about the courses they took and how they found them, view our Testimonials page. 

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