Unleash Your Creativity This Christmas

Christmas brings out the best in so many people; it’s a time of year when you do more for others, and you have the pleasure of getting together with friends and family, celebrating and making things for your loved ones.
It’s the perfect time of year to get creative, whether that’s in the kitchen, in your gift making or decorating your home to make it festive, especially if you have a break from work but like to keep busy!
Here’s a few ideas for you on how you can unleash your creativity this Christmas:

Make your own Christmas cards 

Giving someone a handmade Christmas card is a much more personal gesture than signing one out of a pack of 50. Plus, it’s also such an enjoyably festive way to spend an afternoon, perhaps with your kids; put the Christmas music on then sit down at your craft table and let loose.
Christmas cards 
You can keep it simple by using red card as the basis, folding it in half, then cut out a Christmas tree on green card to stick on the front and cover with glitter. You can try something a little more elaborate with ribbons, string and stencil. Look at Pinterest for some great homemade card ideas.
You could also go one step further and learn how to design really elegant Christmas cards using your computer, if you’re less keen on the glue and glitter mess. One of our Adobe Certification courses would set you on your way to becoming a master in Adobe software allowing you to design beautiful cards for everyone.

Try out some new festive recipes

Christmas is the best time to be in the kitchen baking, cooking, and creating delicious things to serve your family and guests. You can also make tasty things to give as gifts, like fudge, Christmas cookies and cakes.
Festive Christmas baking 
This is another lovely way to spend a festive day in December, with the smell of cinnamon and ginger in the air. You can really get creative, try cake decorating or even making a gingerbread house. Our Cake Making course would certainly propel you to baking stardom amongst your loved ones or would make a wonderful Christmas present to any aspiring bakers you know!

Document this Christmas by taking photographs

If you’ve always liked taking pictures and would love to learn how to take the best photos, then start that journey now and use Christmas as the perfect first project.
Take photos of your loved ones and their happy faces on Christmas morning, the morning frost in the garden, the crackling fire and the stockings hanging on the bannisters, there are so many gorgeous scenes to capture this holiday.
Christmas photos 
You could make a Christmas photobook each year, documenting all of your Christmas memories.
Learn how to use a good camera and make the best of your subjects with our digital photography course which will teach you about lighting, composition, exposure, photo editing and more.

Write a festive story to read to your family on Christmas day

This is a charming way of unleashing your creativity and delighting your relatives in the process! If you’ve read enough stories and seen enough Christmas movies, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to unlock your inner Dickens and write the perfect festive yarn.
Letter and candle 
Old fashioned parchment and quill are optional.
You could start a new Christmas tradition and write a story every year to read out to your family on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve night. You could even write a play and hand out copies to everyone and get everyone taking part.
If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of how to write creatively, then our creative writing course will help you achieve those goals. Our fiction writing course in particular is perfect preparation for the start of your Christmas story tradition.

Unleash your inner interior designer

December is the month when you can transform your home into a cosy nest of festive beauty. It’s a time for texture, rugs, candles, decorations and finishing touches that make people want to stay forever.
You’ll never know if you have a flair for it until you try. Take our interior design course and learn how to perfectly design each room to create the best ambiance. Get creative with your home, this can be your moment to shine, and it’s the perfect time of year to show off your handiwork to friends.
Christmas decorations 
The best part is once you’ve had to sadly remove all the lovely festive decorations in January, you’re left with a new layout and plenty of gorgeous new décor to enjoy once the season is over.
There are so many ways you can really unlock the creative genius within you this Christmas, and whatever you want to learn, there’s a course with Distance Learning Centre to help you along the way. Merry Christmas!

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