What's Your 2019 Passion?

A new year has dawned; 2019 is upon us and it’s time to face it head on and consider all the opportunities it will present!

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There’s something so hopeful about a new year; everything feels like a new fresh start and you’re filled with ambition and motivation to set goals and live your best life. How about this is the year you discover your true passion?

Often people discover their passion quite by accident by just trying something new for fun or as a favour to a friend and finding out that they can’t live another day without it.

Why don’t you make 2019 the year you discover your passion?

Your hobbies and interests can become careers. You can enrich your education or just learn a new skill. You could become qualified in something you’ve always wanted to be. This is your year.

Make a list of your interests and think about how you can take them further, how to turn them into a dream career, venture or academic path. To help you figure it out, we’ve given you a few ideas:


Like looking after people?

Carer with woman in wheelchair

If you are someone who is caring, patient, and loves helping others, then your passion could be health care or social care. You can turn a passion into a vocation quite easily, especially if you have the drive to make it a reality.

Take a look at our health and social care courses and think about which one would best suit your interests. Do you love taking care of the elderly or helping people who are vulnerable? Would you feel passionate about helping people with disabilities achieve their goals and lead a full life? Whatever you picture yourself doing, find out about it and take a course that will see you doing it before the year is out.


Start your own business

If you have an interest, a hunch or a hobby or even just a great idea, think about how you could turn that into your very own business.

Everyone has great ideas, but not everyone seizes the opportunity to voice that idea and take it further. Make 2019 your year. Take our start your own business course and learn just how to turn yourself into an entrepreneur, develop your idea and turn it into a viable business.


Do You Love Animals?

Dog Grooming

Imagine spending every day helping animals and looking after them. If this seems like a dream come true, then start with one of our animal care courses and see where that passion leads you.

You could learn the art of dog grooming or equine care, as well as what you need to learn to become a veterinary support assistant.


Do you see a photo opportunity everywhere you go?

You might have an eye for photography. If you love taking pictures and seeing beauty in many mundane things, then stretch yourself in 2019 and take a photography course. You could find out this is your talent and your passion, so you can learn everything you need to go further with it!

You could also try our introduction to freelance photo journalism course and discover that your calling is to tell a story through pictures. Who knows, another year and you could be travelling to the ends of the earth and winning awards for your photos.


Fascinated by crime?

If you’re one of those people that binges on true crime podcasts, devours crime fiction and biographies and loves crime documentaries on Netflix, then think about making that passion an academic interest.

You could use all that prior knowledge gained from books and programmes to help you as you take a forensic psychology diploma course or psychology of criminal profiling.

This could be the turning point where you realise you want to do this for the rest of your life, either become an actual sleuth or maybe write some crime fiction of your own.


Unlock the inner author


You could find out you’re the next J.K. Rowling if you tried writing a story, not to mention getting lost in imaginative worlds in the process. Try one of our writing courses and see if your passion could make you a literary sensation.

There’s our fiction writing course as well as our creative writing course to sink your teeth into and unlock the writer within.


Enjoy interior design and decorating your home?

If you’re someone who enjoys décor and arranging things prettily in their home, as well as helping others arrange their homes too, then why don’t you go the extra mile and take an interior design course where you will learn the theory behind your passion? You could become an interior design consultant, charging people for your expertise and keen eye for décor detail, turning a passion into a real earner. Isn’t that the very definition of living the dream?

Look through our extensive list of online courses and start making your dream become everyday life. Make 2019 the year where your passion gets the pair of wings it needed!

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