Can study music boost your marks?

Listening to musicWe all know that revision is one of the most tedious of tasks a student must endure. Some may need complete silence to revise, finding classmates tapping away at their keyboards a distraction. Others find a "quiet environment" can lead to boredom as the allure of sleeping on the job becomes a reality - oops! 
If you fall into the latter category then you've come to the right place. Here we offer some tips and ideas on how to select the best study music for you: 

Remember: You're studying, not crashing a party

Listen to your study music at a moderate volume and be aware that others may not share your taste in revision technique, so keep it on the down low. Your main purpose should be focusing on the notes infront of you. If your music is too loud then the chances are that your concentration will drift to other things. Music should be background noise. When the revision is over, feel free to crank up the volume a notch (or two). Until then it's volume down, concentration up. 

Don't listen to the radio while studying

This may seem like the obvious choice as you can put your all into revision instead of spending time selecting a music playlist. But, don't forget that you should have complete control of your study music. It's important the music selected reflects your mood while revising; rain, wind or animal sounds can be extremely calming when focusing on revision. While this is not exactly music it's relaxing and it will transport you into another world. 

Your playlist should last up to 50 minutes

When adding music to your playlist we recommend a duration of 50 minutes as this will remind you to take regular breaks. It's tempting to continue adding to your list as you discover more interesting background tracks to support your learning, but this shouldn't prevent you from taking time out. Breaks are important to retain focus and keep a clear head. Staring at a page of notes can leave you feeling stressed as you struggle to make out your teachers scribblings:"Is this even a word?" 

Try classical music to help focus during revision time

This is proven to have a calming effect on students while keeping their mind alert. It's not the only genre to consider, however people find it the most relaxing. Others may find popular Indie, Pop, R&B and Rock tracks the most motivating. For those with practical projects to complete a fast paced, up tempo track could enhance creativity and inspire students whilst studying. 

Listen to music before bed

It's the night before your exam and the nerves are kicking in. Your palms are sweaty and (worse) you can't seem to sleep -" it can be tempting to cram in some last minute revision. But, getting the books out at an ungodly hour before your exam will only lead to further stress. Try listening to some music to relax and put you in the right state of mind.

So, why not give study music a go and see if it really does give your revision a boost. 


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