Which Distance Learning Course Is Right for You?

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So the one thing you know is that you want to continue with academic study - the hard bit is deciding which course to study, and where. Here's how to take thousands of possible career paths and turn them into one clear, concise choice. 

Find the subject for you

This is an important one to get right. You don't want to rush into a course that you're unsure about or end up dropping out of. It's a decision you will have to live with for the rest of your life so picking the right course is detrimental to your future success.

Start by making a list of the things you're passionate about. This doesn't have to be work related but could include activities, sports or outside interests. Perhaps your love for animals is the reason you support charities like the RSPCA and donate monthly. There's no good doing something you're good at if you don't enjoy it. Specialise in your passion, and learn more about it from the world's best teachers. 

Question your choices

It's important to question why you're interested in a subject. There's always a driving force and it should be a personal choice. Pushy parents, expectations and teachers are hard to avoid. It's you who sits the exams, works hard and strives for that star qualification. No one can make that decision for you, so by all means listen to advice but make sure you're happy.  

Take a look at the syllabus content

The main way in which courses differ is the actual content involved in the course. Even with courses that are similar, the actual topics taught and the degree of emphasis on each may differ. For example, at Distance Learning Centre, the web design courses are separated into different modules as some focus on JavaScript and others on Webmaster Tools. Whether or not a course is for you will depend on where your interests lie. If you're looking to study something you know little about then you may not know what interests you yet. But reading the course details will give you rough idea of the subjects best suited to you. 

You can always change your mind

Yes, it's a big decision. But if you do start a course and realise you've made a terrible decision, then it's not too late. Talk to your student advisor, a close friend or parents about your feelings. You don't want to be stuck for five years doing a course you have no interest in. Remember it's all about passion and without that excitement and drive you're limiting your chance of success. 

Why Distance Learning is for you?

Distance learning is a viable option for those looking to study in a flexible working environment.
Our courses allow you to fit your assignments around work, family or social commitments. You can study at home, at work or even in the comfort of your garden soaking up the sun. This is a huge advantage when it comes to travel. Someone who doesn't drive or can't afford to pay for the costs of public transport will likely choose a distance course over a traditional classroom.

Students who enrol with a distance learning course also have the opportunity to network with a whole host of people. When confined to a classroom environment students are limited to a local area, but the internet opens up a world of contacts. 

Discover your potential today with our wide selection of courses, from animal care, business management to general interests. If you want advice on choosing the right course, contact us on 0845 129 7238 or via our enquiry form.


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