What is Distance Learning?

Online learning

If you’d love to study from home or work, rather than having to attend a college or university in person then a distance learning course could be just what you’re looking for. With home study courses you can study remotely, at your own pace and still receive help and support from an experienced tutor.

Advantages of distance learning 

There are many advantages when it comes to this type of learning. Here are our top 5: 
  • Learn from home and you can fit studying around your family and work commitments. 
  • Distance learning is often much cheaper than studying in a classroom and you can pay in installments rather than paying everything upfront. Because you’re studying from the comfort of your own home you don’t have to think about relocating or paying travel costs to attend either. 
  • Entry requirements are often more flexible. For some courses you may need a certain number of GCSEs but for the majority of courses you just need a willingness to learn. Courses are available for people of all abilities and there are no age limits!
  • You can start distance learning course at any time of the year so you don’t have to wait until September or January, like you would with most classroom courses.
  • With self-study it’s down to you to manage your time. For instance, with most distance learning and online courses you are given twelve months to complete all the required units and exams. If you want to complete the course quicker than you can. 

Why study with the Distance Learning Centre?

To get the most out of your distance learning course you want to make sure that the provider you choose knows what they’re talking about. We certainly do, as we’ve been a leading provider and developer of distance learning courses for over twenty years.  
Whether you want to study purely for pleasure, to improve your skills for your current job or to help you secure a role in the future, we offer over 250 different courses for you to choose from.
Our range of home learning courses include GCSES, IGCSES and A-Levels as well as courses in education, child care, counselling, psychology, sociology, criminology, forensics, social care, human resources, marketing, web design and social media… to name just a few! 

We care about our students and we want to give you all the tools you need to excel as you study from home. We are constantly devising and developing our own course materials and we also offer courses from other leading providers. We strongly believe that distance learning courses should be affordable and that’s why ours start from just £99.
Hungry to start? Once you’ve signed up for a course we’ll send you a complete set of course materials so you have everything you need straight away. If you’d prefer to study online, rather than receiving hard copies, please check out our range of online learning courses.
For more information, please check out our FAQ page or our distance learning courses.


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