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When starting a home learning or distance learning course, it’s worth finding out about other online resources you might be able to utilise. There is an abundance of online resource sites out there that will either assist the course you’re studying, or help expand your knowledge in related areas.
The problem is finding reputable sources for learning that will be appropriate and not waste your time. At the very least, if you’re studying and working at the same time, you want to make sure that your time is spent wisely.
Below we have listed some great online resources that should complement your current studies and might be useful for researching topics when it comes to coursework.

Wolfram Alpha
Related Subjects – Mathematics, Linguistics, Science, Teaching
Wolfram Alpha is described as a computational, algorithm-based search engine, that is very useful for getting answers on difficult subjects. It can be useful when studying a new subject, but mostly as an aid to Maths and English courses you might be taking. Rather than just find the answers, you can also find out about techniques that will allow you to find the answer quicker and more efficiently.

Google Books
Related Subjects – Finance, Business, Literature, Marketing
Google Books have a massive amount of online text books available for free, simply at the end of a search engine. From Finance, Business, Literature, Marketing and many more, you might be surprised to find books that would complement your research topics nicely, and give you additional depth into your chosen subject.

The British Library
Related Subjects – English, History
The British Library’s website features an online resources section for learners to utilise for free. This includes articles on literature, digitised newspapers and images that can be useful for research purposes, especially those that are studying literature or those wanting to become teachers who need further resources to access.

iTunes U
Related Subjects – Teaching, Business, Finance, IT, Web Development
iTunes U has grown over the years to include a huge number of subjects, all available for free. Apple has made a major push to make sure apple devices are used in classrooms, and this shows with providing a huge amount of material for teachers to use, along with using the app to teach with, if a school is lucky enough to have iPads for pupils to use. The downside is you do need an Apple device to access these resources, but it is worth it for the quality information available.

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