10 Ways to Remain Productive over Christmas

Christmas tree and baublesIt can be hard to keep yourself motivated when all around you people are shopping, drinking mulled wine and generally getting into the Christmas spirit. When you're studying over the festive period though, you have no choice but to carry on regardless.

With a Distance Learning Course, you can study at your own time and at your own pace. But in some respects that can be more difficult as you have to motivate yourself to keep going, especially if you have important work coming up in January. In order for you to keep yourself productive over Christmas, we've listed 10 ways that you can keep up your studies, in amongst the present-giving and cracker-pulling.

1. Set up a daily routine

Having a routine and sticking to it is a sure fire way of fitting in studying. It might be that you're working full time so it's a case of maximising your time in the morning and evening, fitting in study time when it's best for you. If you work better in a morning, try going to sleep earlier and get up that bit earlier. Remember, your sleep cycle is also part of your routine too.

2. Plan ahead and start early

Over the festive period, it's all about planning ahead and starting your work early. If you have assignments due for January, it's no good staying up on New Year's eve just to finish them. Plan an allotted time for studying, and then aim to get it done as early as possible. This means that you can still have a break over Christmas, and you can relax rather than stressing about coursework over your turkey dinner.

3. Prioritise tasks

If you have more than one piece of work to do over the period, prioritise the one that is most important and get that done first. It means that there is less pressure on you if you have the harder pieces of work finished before Christmas hits.

4. One thing at a time

When your prioritising, try not to mix up your tasks too much, as it will lead to excess stress and you will end up burning out early. Instead, stick to one piece of work at a time and work through it until it is complete.

5. Use a calendar

Try to organise your month using a calendar, which will allow you to visualise the festive period as a whole and ensure you have a balance between your work and other activities you need to fit in. It will also make sure you can compensate for your days not working over Christmas, by planning ahead and getting tasks done earlier in December

6. Eating healthy

This is a very important one. As the nights get longer and the weather is much colder, you might find yourself inside more and less prone to being active, or even picking up the odd cold. This can seriously affect your workload and lead to you falling behind. It is the most important time of the year to stay healthy, and that means eating fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water and not filling up on junk food (until Christmas day that is).

7. Vitamins

Since it is darker in the morning and evening, you might not be getting as much light as you would do during the summer, and not as much Vitamin D. You must rely on foods such as oily fish, meat and eggs to regain this vitamin D, but you can also take vitamin supplements to make up for what you lack during winter.

8. Exercise

It's tough to force yourself to do exercise when it's so cold outside, but you need to stay healthy and active. Whether that means hitting the gym, doing a workout at home, or braving it and going for a run outside with your bobble hat on, it must be done for you to stay healthy and fit over Christmas.

9. Finding a Balance

If you're not careful, work can completely take over, especially when you are responsible for setting your study times. Try your best to find this work life balance by sticking to the advice in this blogpost. If you plan ahead, get into a routine and use a calendar for instance, this will mean you have no choice but to create this balance. The biggest challenge is sticking to it!

10. Embrace the Festivities

Last but not least, there is no need to hide yourself away from Christmas just because you have to study too. As part of your work life balance, make sure that for every hour you spend studying, you also spend an hour relaxing with friends and eating mince pies. You will be all the better for it, once Christmas day arrives.

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