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To work within any role that requires graphic design, it’s important to become accustomed with relevant software packages that will allow you to create and adapt imagery for professional use. The Adobe Creative Suite has specialist software that will allow a user to create images and documents from scratch, including brochures, posters and magazines for digital and print.

Distance Learning Centre provide individual courses for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and Flash, alongside bundles for print and digital. Budding graphic designers usually find work in digital marketing agencies, as well as top brands who produce a large amount of digital and print advertising and require designers to produce aesthetically pleasing content on a regular basis.

What is the difference between CC and CS6?

Distance Learning Centre provide a course focussing on the original software (CS6), alongside the Creative Cloud version (CC), which includes expanded features on a monthly subscription basis. Software is included as a standalone course, or within the Web Specialist or Print Specialist bundles depending on your preference. 

Below we’ve outlined each of the creative suite packages and how we can help you learn about the Adobe programmes from learning at home.


Comprising elements of photography, illustration and animation, Photoshop is considered the industry standard when it comes to professional image editing. At its most basic it allows a user to repair, retouch and manipulate existing images, but it can also be used by professional photographers, videographers and graphic designers for much more varied reasons.

Those who want to gain access to the Adobe Photoshop teaching materials can do so in one of six ways:

Ideal for creating professional documents such as brochures, posters and magazines, InDesign is an industry standard software package relied upon by designers all over the world. The course will provide the learner with all the tools they need to design a document from scratch, taking into consideration style, layout, and typography, amongst other advanced design elements.

Those who want to gain access to the Adobe InDesign teaching materials can do so in one of four ways:


Rather than modify existing images taken by a photographer, Adobe Illustrator allows the user to create beautiful images from scratch, taking a much more artistic and creative approach than the other software packages. By completing the Illustrator course, the user will have the ability to create logos, icons, typography and sketches that can be used for print and digital.

Those who want to gain access to the Adobe Illustrator teaching materials can do so in one of six ways:


Another software package from the Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver allows a user to create, edit and maintain web pages. The course will teach a user all the key elements of programming, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Completing the course will allow a user to utilise these programming languages in order to adapt page elements such as content, styling and design.

Those who want to gain access to the Adobe Dreamweaver teaching materials can do so in one of four ways:


Rather than focus on the still image or document, Adobe Flash allows a user to become accustomed with basic animation techniques, that can be utilised in an advertising campaign or on a company website. Users will be able to create and manipulate graphics, before adding animated elements through an understanding of ActionScript.

Those who want to gain access to the Adobe Flash teaching materials can do so in one of two ways:

Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat is an extremely useful tool that complements other design software packages such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, in its handling and modification of PDF documents. Once a new document has been exported, Acrobat assists a user in modifying it and even adding interactive or animated elements to it.

Those who want to gain access to the Adobe Acrobat XI teaching materials can do so in one of five ways:

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