The Study of Child Care

Smiling ToddlerWhen you’re already working full time, it can be difficult to fit in anything else, but Distance Learning Centre provide flexible courses that can be fit around a busy lifestyle. If you’ve ever thought about starting a career in childcare, a great place to start is a course that can be studied from home, and in your own time.

We happen to have many childcare related courses that will kick start your career goals of either working in the childcare sector, or even starting your own childcare business from home. Below we’ve shared details of three courses that are applicable; Understanding Early Years, Diet, Nutrition & Exercise for Children, and Managing Children’s Behaviour. Have a read to find out which one would be most appropriate for you.

Managing Children’s Behaviour

Working in the childcare sector is not without its challenges, the most obvious being managing the behaviour of the children under your care. To effectively manage a child’s behaviour, it is important to understand the factors that influence certain behaviours and identify the ways in which positive behaviours can be encouraged, and negative ones be stamped out.

This course is a great place to start when first considering childcare as a full-time profession, allowing a candidate to understand the fundamental care of children and how to encourage positive behaviour from the start.

Managing Children’s Behaviour Level 2 course is £312, but this cost can be spread over 4 months to make the payment even easier.

Understanding Early Years (Level 3 and 4)

Both Level 3 and 4 of our Understanding Early Years course are focussed on teaching candidates how to support children with learning and development. Participants will look at several key themes whilst studying these courses, including creating positive relationships with children, how to build an effective learning environment, how to effectively observe and assess children’s learning and how to become a reflective practitioner.

These courses are an ideal stepping stone into the childcare sector. Along with providing general advice for those just starting out in the field, it also includes a huge amount of information that will break down the complexities of child learning and development into easy-to-follow modules for the candidate.

The Understanding Early Years Level 3 course and Understanding Early Years Level 4 course are £312 each, but these can be broken down into 4 monthly payments to make it easier to afford.

Diet, Nutrition & Exercise for Children

Another incredibly important factor for child development and learning is to consider their overall physical health, as well as dietary concerns that need to be addressed when they’re under the guidance of a childcare professional. Whilst assisting children in their mental development, it is equally important to promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise.

When taking on a childcare role, a candidate must be fully aware of all the wider issues that they will be confronted with, so that they can provide as many learning opportunities for children as possible. This course covers just one wider issue, but is key to keeping children healthy and safe whilst under the protection of a childcare professional.

Diet, Nutrition & Exercise for Children course is £312 to study, but this price can be broken down over 4 months.

For more information about any of our courses, check out the individual course pages above, or get in touch with Distance Learning Centre today to find out how you can study from home.


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