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Have you ever wanted to pursue a career in Psychology? If you have already found yourself heading down a different career path, it’s not too late to make your dreams come true, and analyse other peoples’ dreams at the same time! Distance Learning Centre provide a whole host of courses that can jump start your career aspirations, especially when you’re looking to get into psychology. 

Along with studying the general form of psychology, the subject can also be applied to other specific industries as well. Career options are widespread, especially when you consider that there are also courses dedicated to Child Psychology, Sports Psychology and Criminal Psychology too. Below we have given you a glimpse of each of our courses, that if studied will give the participant a stepping stone into a wider career.

Psychology & Advanced Psychology

Understanding how the mind works is a complex subject, but one that has been studied for thousands of years and is still evolving. There are many different forms of psychology but having a general understanding of the major principles can lead to a lot of other specialisations in a huge array of industries.

Psychology level 3 will give you a firm grounding in psychology, covering topics such as the nature of sensation, psychological responses, emotional experience and the process of memory. It is the perfect starting point for a candidate to learn about psychology and understand which aspects they are the most interested in. Advanced Psychology level 4 goes into more depth, covering topics such as social and cognitive psychology, child development and adaptive behaviour.

The Psychology Level 3 course is available for £250 and the Advanced Psychology Level 4 course is available for £350. Alternatively, they are also both available in the Psychology & Advanced Psychology Course Bundle, costing £525 (a saving of £75).

Child Psychology

A natural extension to the basics of psychology is to study how the minds of children work, especially when they are still learning about the world. Child development areas usually cover themes such as behaviour, morality, the formation of attachments, visual perception and the development of language and communication.

Candidates who study Child Psychology will most likely be interested pursuing a career working with children, either in childcare, education or even as a fully-fledged child psychologist.

The Child Psychology Level 3 course is available for £250, but the cost can be spread over 4 months to make it even easier to afford.

Sports Psychology

Given that the sports and fitness industry is so huge all over the world, it stands to reason that studying sports psychology can also lead to a wide variety of interesting career opportunities. Whether you’re a fan of football, rugby, athletics or simply fitness in general, studying sports psychology will give you a firm grounding in what goes through the mind of professional sportsmen, sportswomen and athletes.

The course provided by Distance Learning Centre covers topics such as state of mind, motivation goal setting and social influence, just to name a few. A candidate completing the sports psychology course will undoubtedly be interested in pursuing a career as a coach, teacher, trainer or even physiotherapist.

The Sports Psychology Level 3 course is available for £250, but the cost can easily be spread out over 4 months to make it easier for the candidate to pay for.

Criminal Psychology

One of the most extensive areas of psychology is the study of criminals, and the mindset of those who break the law. Given that there are so many different crimes that are perpetrated, the course provided by Distance Learning Centre covers a whole range of topics, including murder, arson, substance misuse, sex offences and even terrorism.

A candidate will have the opportunity to analyse criminal behaviour, understand how to profile a potential offender and study the ways in which a criminal investigation is undertaken.

The Criminal Psychology Level 4 course is available for £395 but the cost can be spread over 4 months to make it more affordable.

If you’re thinking of studying Psychology or another subject from home, feel free to look at our individual course pages for more information, or get in touch with Distance Learning Centre today.


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