CIW (Certification Internet Webmaster) is the world's largest education certification program specifically for Web Design. Becoming CIW Certified can help you to verify that you have the skills necessary to master today's technology-driven world.
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CIW Certifications:
The following video is a guide to the CIW Certification program and the certification routes available to students.
CIW Certification and Prospective Job Roles:
This short video details how CIW Certifications can assist with a student's self development and prospective job roles.
CIW Online Resources:
Each CIW Course packages consists of a range of online resources which includes practice exams, exercises, movies and virtual live labs. This movie explains about the resources available.

CIW Course Mastery:
Course mastery is a new tool based on research in learning and memory, and it delivers an accelerated teaching solution that reduces training time and boosts retention of material in the learner's memory.