The Microsoft Publisher 2007 Course introduces students to the Microsoft Publisher software package and takes you from a beginners perspective all the way through to using and mastering the most advanced features of this hugely popular software package.

Publisher 2007 is a desktop publishing package, designed to enable non-professionals to put together publications that look professional and effective.

The home study courses will take you from a beginners perspective and will teach you how to Create high-quality publications that reflect your own brand identity

Typical uses are for greetings cards, newsletters, advertisements, invitations and leaflets. Part of the Office 2007 family, Publisher 2007 shares a common look and feel and is easily integrated with other applications in the Microsoft Office suite.

APPLE MAC USERS: We recommend this course is completed on a PC with the Windows Operating System. The course can be run on an Apple Macs using software such as Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop 7, VMware fusion or CrossOver Mac although we cannot support any issues that may occur with PC-Based software running on a Mac

The Home Study Courses Consist of the Following Items:

  • Publisher 2007 Basics Course Book:

This Course Book covers how to create a publication, adjust its page setup, enter and edit text, insert pictures, and create and modify text frames. They’ll also learn how to work with multi-page publications, objects, graphics, and tables, as well as how to print publications.

The following topics are covered by this lesson:

Exploring the Publisher window; Getting help; Closing files and closing Publisher; Creating a publication; Page setup options; Working with pictures; Working with text frames; Modifying text frames; Formatting text; Changing paragraph properties; Using editing tools; Creating multi-page publications; Modifying multi-page publications; Working with master pages; Working with text; Working with AutoShape objects; Working with pictures; Working with WordArt; Getting started with tables; Modifying tables; Formatting tables and Printing Publications.

  • Publisher 2007 Advanced Course Book:

This course book builds on the concepts and skills taught in the Publisher 2007 Basic Course Book. Topic coverage includes newsletters, Web site design and publication, hyperlinks, and hot spots. Students will also learn how to perform a mail merge and import data from other Office applications.

The following topics are covered by this lesson:

Getting started with newsletters; Modifying newsletters; Exploring Web sites; Creating Websites; Modifying Websites; Working with form pages; Creating hyperlinks; Modifying hyperlinks; Working with hot spots; Converting to HTML; Understanding FTP and publishing Websites; Creating data sources; Merging data sources with publications; Sorting and filtering; Completing and canceling a merge and Importing from other applications.

  • Student Files:

Once enrolled students will receive a support email giving them access to their student files and to PowerPoint presentations relevant to the content of each unit. These files are also available through a student page and can be sent on disk on request.

  • Free Online Exam Preparation Software:

The course also comes with Free Online CertBlaster exam preparation software. CertBlaster covers mock test questions in multiple choice or multiple answer formats.

CertBlaster has the following testing options:

Assessment Mode: In this mode you take one of the simulation exams and based on your results CertBlaster will determine where you need to focus. You cannot change the timer, the number of questions, or receive any help or hints. CertBlaster uses this mode to create or update your Personal Test preparation Plan (PTP).

Study Mode: In this mode you can work with either an objective or a simulation exam. You can change the timer and the number of questions asked. At the end of the exam CertBlaster will not update your PTP.

Flash Mode: In this mode you can quickly work through an exam. Open an exam or drill and clicking the spacebar highlights the correct answer. Clicking again moves you to the next question. You cannot change the timer or the number of questions asked. Flash mode will not open interactive type questions.

Certification Mode: This mode simulates the actual exam environment. You cannot change the timer or the number of questions. At the end of the exam CertBlaster will determine your score. Your PTP will not be updated based on the results of this exam.


There are no particular entry requirements as the course is set out for beginners although students will require their own version of Microsoft Publisher 2007 to complete the course.

Course Duration & Support:

Students may register at any time. The home study courses are designed as self-study courses but if you have any problems you can email our email support. As the home study courses are self study you can complete in as little or as long a time as you prefer, and we do not impose a cut-off date for study.


There are exercises to complete in the course but they are not assessed.


The course is designed for personal development and is not accredited, although we will supply a Distance Learning Centre Certificate of Completion on request.

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