The CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 Certification Course covers the latest Security+ Certification syllabus. CompTIA Security+ is designed for those whose job responsibilities would include securing network services, devices and traffic. In this course you will build on your knowledge of, and professional experience with security fundamentals, networks and organisational security as you acquire the specific skills required to implement basic security services on any type of computer network.

The CompTIA Security+ exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to identify risk, to participate in risk mitigation activities, and to provide infrastructure, application, information, and operational security. In addition, the successful candidate will apply security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability, identify appropriate technologies and products, troubleshoot security events and incidents, and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

Course Objectives:

After completing this home study course, you will know how to:

  • Identify the fundamental concepts of computer security.
  • Identify security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Manage data, application, and host security.
  • Implement network security.
  • Identify and implement access control and account management security measures.
  • Manage certificates.
  • Identify and implement compliance and operational security measures.
  • Manage risk.
  • Troubleshoot and manage security incidents.
  • Plan for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Please Note: The Security+ Certification Course is designed as a theory-based course but does contain all relevant information on how to complete practical exercises. The course books are Officially endorsed course materials that cover all of the exam objectives and implements important instructional design principles.

The CompTIA Security+ Certification Course Consists of:

CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 Course Book:

The Security+ Certification course is targeted towards the Information Technology professional who has networking and administrative skills in Windows-based transmission control protocols / Internet protocol (TCP/IP) networks, familiarity with other operating systems such as Mac OS X, Unix or Linux, and who wants to further a career in IT by acquiring foundational knowledge of security topics.

The course book covers the following Units:

  • Unit 1: Security Fundamentals

Topics are covered in this unit: The Information Security Cycle; Information Security Controls; Authentication Methods; Cryptography Fundamentals; and Security Policy Fundamentals.

  • Unit 2: Identifying Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

The following topics are covered in this unit: Social Engineering; Malware; Software-Based Threats; Network-Based Threats; Wireless Threats and Vulnerabilities; and Physical Threats and Vulnerabilities.

  • Unit 3: Managing Data, Application, and Host Security

The following topics are covered in this unit: Manage Data Security; Manage Application Security; Manage Device and Host Security; and Manage Mobile Security.

  • Unit 4: Implementing Network Security

The following topics are covered in this unit: Configure Security Parameters on Network Devices and Technologies; Network Design Elements and Components; Implement Networking Protocols and Services; Apply Secure Network Administration Principles; and Secure Wireless Traffic.

  • Unit 5: Implementing Access Control, Authentication, and Account Management

The following topics are covered in this unit: Access Control and Authentication Services; and Implement Account Management Security Controls.

  • Unit 6: Managing Certificates

The following topics are covered in this unit: Install a CA Hierarchy; Enrol Certificates; Secure Network Traffic by Using Certificates; Renew Certificates; Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys; and Revoke Certificates.

  • Unit 7: Implementing Compliance and Operational Security

The following topics are covered in this unit: Physical Security; Legal Compliance; Security Awareness and Training; and Integrate Systems and Data with Third Parties.

  • Unit 8: Risk Management

The following topics are covered in this unit: Risk Analysis; Implement Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Techniques; Scan for Vulnerabilities; and Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques.

  • Unit 9: Troubleshooting and Managing Security Incidents

The following topics are covered in this unit: Common Respond to Security Incidents; and Recover from a Security Incident.

  • Unit 10: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

The following topics are covered in this unit: Business Continuity; Plan for Disaster Recovery and Execute DRPs and Procedures.

The course also includes a section on mapping course content to the CompTIA Security+ Exam.

Free Security+ SY0-401 Course Book (Digital Versions)

Students will also receive digital versions of their course books. These come in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) and .EPUB (Epub File Reader) format and will allow you to view your course books on any application that supports these formats.

Student Exercise Files & Access to the Security+ Student Page:

Students can access our Security+ Course Page with links to animated components, checklists and various Security+ and social media resources.

MeasureUp Test Prep Software:

Official MeasureUp practice test software is included with our course materials which gives students 180 days access to 334 Questions and Robust Explanations. MeasureUp offer quality test content so that you will be prepared for your exams. All objectives of the exam are covered in depth so students are ready for any question. The practice tests are written by industry experts in this subject area.

Virtual Labs (Optional - £90.00 for a 6 month license):

The Virtual Labs provide learners with live remote software environments that are pre-configured to interact with course activities. This is an additional item available for £90.00.

Please Note: The MeasureUp practice exam requires the use of Chrome as your browser in order to study with the simulation type questions and is not compatible with mobile devices.


There are no particular entry requirements for the home study course but we advise that all students have a good general knowledge of using PCs, the Windows operating system and Windows-based software. It is also advisable that students have completed the CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certification syllabus.

The course is designed for theory purposes but to complete the practical elements of this course, students would require access to multiple PC’s, a version of Server 2012 and various Security tools. Please contact us if you require a full list of requirements for following the course in a practical nature.

Course Duration & Support:

Students may register at any time. The home study courses are designed as self-study courses but if you have any problems you can email our email support. As the course is self study you can complete in as little or as long a time as you prefer, and we do not impose a cut-off date for study.


Assessment is from the Security+ Certification SY0-401 Examination. The Examinations has 90 questions in a Multiple choice and performance-based questions over a 90 minute period. The Exam is graded on a scale of 100 - 900 with a minimum passing score of 750.


Security CertificationOn Completion of the Security+ Certification Course, you can apply for your internationally recognised Security+ SY0-401 Examination.

Examinations must be sat at a registered Pearson Vue testing centre and are currently £195.00 + VAT each.

You can find or register for your nearest exam centres by selecting the Test Takers option from the Pearson Vue Website.

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