The CompTIA Server+ Certification Course covers the CompTIA Server+ Certification SK0-003 examination syllabus.

CompTIA Server+ certifies the technical knowledge and skills required to build, maintain, troubleshoot and support server hardware and software technologies.

The home study course is designed to give students advanced-level technical competency of server issues and technology, including installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, environment, and troubleshooting & disaster recovery.

Course Objectives:

After completing this home study course, you will know how to:

  • Describe server-related form factors, power supplies, and cooling systems.

  • Identify various motherboards and CPUs.

  • Configure the PC’s BIOS and boot the computer.

  • Identify various types of memory.

  • Describe various troubleshooting methodologies.

  • Install expansion cards.

  • Install data storage devices.

  • Install a network operating system.

  • Identify network components and valid network addresses, and troubleshoot basic network connectivity problems.

  • Monitor and manage the Windows operating system.

  • Document the IT environment, plan and implement change, and manage physical security.

  • Prepare for disaster through backups, redundancy, and planning.

Please Note: The Server+ Certification Course is designed as a theory-based course but does contain all relevant information on how to complete practical exercises. The course books are Officially endorsed course materials that cover all of the exam objectives and implements important instructional design principles.

The Server+ Certification course consists of the following items:

  • Server+ Certification Course Card

Access the most important information you need quickly and easily with four-color, tri-fold, six-sided Course Cards! This card can help you pass the test, as well as provide a handy reference for general networking information.

  • Server+ Certification Course Book

This home study course will prepare you for the CompTIA® Server+ certification exam. It is designed for students seeking foundation-level server administration skills and knowledge.

The course book covers the following Units:

Unit 1 – Deploying the Chassis

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Form factors; Power supplies; and Cooling systems.

Unit 2 – CPU’s and Motherboards

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Central processing units; Packaging and slots; and Motherboards.

Unit 3 – Managing the BIOS

The following topics are covered in this Unit: The BIOS and CMOS; and The POST and boot processes.

Unit 4 – Selecting Memory

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Memory; and Memory Packaging.

Unit 5 – Installing Expansion cards

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Buses; Drive adapters; Multimedia expansion devices; and Troubleshooting expansion cards.

Unit 6 – Installing Data Storage Devices

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Installing storage devices; Selecting RAID technologies; and Troubleshooting data storage.

Unit 7 – Installing a Network Operating System

The following topics are covered in this Unit Server roles; Virtualization; Installing Linux; and Installing Windows Server.

Unit 8 – Networking

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Networking essentials; Networking utilities; and Troubleshooting.

Unit 9 – Managing a Network Server

The following topics are covered in this Unit: User management; Resource management; and Monitoring and management.

Unit 10 – Documenting & Planning

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Documenting the IT environment; Planning and implementing change; and Managing physical access and security.

Unit 11 – Preparing for Disaster

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Backing up data; Server redundancy and other disaster precautions; and Developing a disaster recovery plan.

Appendix A: Certification exam objectives map

The following topics are covered in this Unit: Comprehensive exam objectives.

  • Free Server+ Certification CertBlaster Software

The course also comes with Free Online CertBlaster exam preparation software. CertBlaster covers mock examination questions in multiple choice or multiple answer formats. This software is the perfect addition to help preparefor your exam.

CertBlaster has the following testing options:

Assessment Mode: In this mode you take one of the simulation exams and based on your results CertBlaster will determine where you need to focus. You cannot change the timer, the number of questions, or receive any help or hints. CertBlaster uses this mode to create or update your Personal Test preparation Plan (PTP).

Study Mode: In this mode you can work with either an objective or a simulation exam. You can change the timer and the number of questions asked. At the end of the exam CertBlaster will not update your PTP.

Flash Mode: In this mode you can quickly work through an exam. Open an exam or drill and clicking the spacebar highlights the correct answer. Clicking again moves you to the next question. You cannot change the timer or the number of questions asked. Flash mode will not open interactive type questions.

Certification Mode: This mode simulates the actual exam environment. You cannot change the timer or the number of questions. At the end of the exam CertBlaster will determine your score. Your PTP will not be updated based on the results of this exam.


Before taking this home study course, you should be familiar with personal computers and the use of a keyboard and a mouse. It is also recommended that students have networking experience and have completed the A+ Certification Course but this is not a requirement. To complete the practical elements of this course you would require a network ready PC with Windows Server 2008 Standard and Debian 5.0 (Lenny) software; additional workstation PCs and networking equipment.

Course Duration & Support:

Students may register at any time. The home study courses are designed as self-study courses but if you have any problems you can email our email support. As the course is self study you can complete in as little or as long a time as you prefer, and we do not impose a cut-off date for study.


Assessment is from the CompTIA Server+ Certification SK0-003 Examination. The Examination has 100 questions in a multiple choice/multiple answer format spread over 90 minutes. The Exam is graded on a scale of 100 - 900 with a minimum passing score of 750.


CompTIA Server CourseOn completion of the Server+ course, you can apply for the Internationally Recognised CompTIA Server+ SK0-003 Examination.

Examinations must be sat at a registered Pearson VUE testing centre and are currently £169.00 + VAT each.

You can find or register for your nearest exam centres by selecting the Test Takers option from the Pearson Vue Website.

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