Payment Options

We currently offer the below payment methods. Any payment methods which are available will show on the Checkout Page. Some payment options may not be available when checking out as they are only available in certain Countries or they may require acceptence of an external finance agreement.

Credit or Debit Card (Pay in Full)

We offer secure credit or debit card payments from our website which will allow you to pay for your course fees in full. 

PayPal (Pay in Full)

You can also pay in full using PayPal. 

Bank Transfer (Pay in Full)

You can pay in full using Bank Transfer. You can request bank account details from our Sales team.  

Invoice (Pay in Full)

If a company is paying for the course then we can organise payment through company invoice (30 day terms). 

To arrange this, we would need a confirmation of order by company letter or email from the finance department of the company placing the order.

Klarna (3 Equal Instalments)

Paying through Klarna will allow you to spread your payments across 3 equal interest free instalments. For more information on how Klarna works you can visit the Klarna FAQ page of their website.

Klarna is available in a small number of Countries and acceptance is required through their own finance checks before we receive confirmation of an order. When using Klarna all payments are processed directly to them. If you have any issues ordering through Klarna then you should contact Klarna Customer Services to resolve the issue.

GoCardless (6 Instalments)

Paying through GoCardless will allow you to spread your course fees across 6 interest free instalments. This payment option is through Direct Debit Mandate and is only available for deliveries in the UK using a UK bank account. There are a small number of banks that don't facilitate GoCardless or Direct Debit Mandates, so you should check with your bank prior to ordering.

Please Note: It will take a minimum of 5 working days for your bank to set up and process the Direct Debit and we can't process an application until the initial payment is confirmed. We do contact all customers with the option to create an instant payment to speed up this process should they need to start their course sooner.