Here are some of the fantastic comments received from our learners in recent years:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course I thought it was well played out and gave me enough freedom to explore my own interpretions without being given answers. The Support Team were very helpful, they were very quick to respond."
"The course materials proved to be very helpful. Support was excellent. My tutor was very helpful and explained clearly in more detail on what was expected of me to pass the units."
"All the materials were extremely helpful and I really enjoyed this course. I found the pack very informative & easy to follow. My feedback has been great and any dealings with the team have been great."
"I enjoyed the course and understood every step of the way which enable me finish the course in less than a month and also went over the material again. The explanations were very simplified and precise."
"I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of my course. It was interesting learning about the history of computers and I particularly enjoyed creating a web page. I wouldn't change anything about the course I did, or the experience. I enjoyed it although it was hard at some points, but am very thankful to have done it."
"Excellent Support. Laura always gave me excellent feedback for each assignment and I felt she was always there should I need support. Her marking turnaround was also very efficient. The resources were very clear to read and easy to use and I felt I learned a lot."
"I thought that the way in which the course was laid out was very good. I also like the method of teaching, working my way through the slides and then demonstrating what I've learned through both the exercises and assignments. My tutor David was on hand and ready to help whenever I had any questions. He even responded to my e-mails over the weekend! Whilst I haven't completed any distance learning in the past, I doubt the same can be said of other companies. I would like to thank David for his help, and I'm sure I'll be mithering him some more in the near future now that I've started my second course!"
Elliott Farnell (Webmaster - HTML & CSS for Beginners Course)
"I don't think you can improve the course, it was excellent! It was was informative and enjoyable. Excellent support throughout with good comments given about the assignments submitted."
"I really enjoyed doing the course. This has given me a stepping stone to doing the exam and setting me up in the right direction professionally. I found Dave really helpful and guided me through the course as needed. He responded promptly and found him really supportive throughout the course especially when I moved employers."
"Support and communication was quick and clear advice was given. I absolutely loved studying and learning new things."
"I really enjoyed studying the course. I received my folder which had all the information in on how to complete the course, how to get support, the modules to complete, study material on each module and how to send the assessments in. I worked at my own pace, there was no pressure. I found the study material in each module easy to understand, well presented and relevant to the assessment questions. It also included tips on where to find out more information."
"It was thoroughly enjoyable. Paper course notes, emailed assessments. Very easy to navigate and progress through each unit. Excellent feedback for each unit. Excellent support from my supervisor. "
"I loved all the detail and informations provided. I love the highlight informations and I liked the quiz at the end."
Lindsey Jarrett-Fenton (PC Technology - Level 3 Course)
"I loved every minute of it. Everytime I had a problem, I quickly sent an e-mail and they never disapointed me, they have always been great with explaining and helping me."
Aida (Webmaster - HTML & CSS for Beginners Course)
"It was an excellent learning experience, it fit in with my already busy school life as a level 1 teaching assistant. Now i have my level 2 in supporting teaching and learning and going to be doing the level 3 supporting teaching. It fit in with my family so it was a perfect learning experience for me."
"The course was very enjoyable and challenging. The course is well structured and informative and provides a good, solid foundation of knowledge to Responsive Web Design. It has also made me think about how I would design for tablet and mobile together with the customer experience. Whenever I became stuck on an small exercise or assignment, my tutor was always on hand and always replied quickly to my queries."
Alice Williams (Webmaster - Advanced HTML & CSS Course / Responsive Web Design)
"I Enjoyed the course. User friendly online material and clear instructions. Great support from Dave and Mike. Quick responses and very helpful. Really appreciated all the positive feedback from Dave."
Sara Thompson (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)
"Studying this course was very enjoyable. I enjoyed using the resource folder provided as it was written clearly and there was a lot of interesting information. Student support was great. The response times on marking assignments was incredibly fast."
"I enjoyed studying my course because I got to work full time at my placement and I had a lot of helpful and detailed support from the course materials and my tutor."
"Once I had got used to the software and online learning, it was nice to see how many different things can be achieved using the Word 2019 software. I felt that the online support were a great help and very quick at getting back to me with their responses."
"I enjoyed the course very much, the course was easy to follow."
"The course was perfectly made for easy understanding with lots of topics and examples. Really enjoyable and easy to do. Student support was decent. Every single question answered quickly."
Szymon Mlynarczyk (Webmaster - HTML & CSS for Beginners Course)
"The course material was thorough and easy to understand. The modules were interesting."
Katy Holland (Counselling and Psychotherapy - QLS Level 4 Course)
"I found the course engaging. The flexibility of being able to do the course in sections along side seeking employment was a real bonus. The course material provided was excellent and easy to follow."
Narindar Walker (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)
"I found the slides to be easy bite sized chunks of information, that made it a lot easier to get my head round a difficult subject. The layout was well designed, as I could easily find a previous section when I wanted to revise the material again. Top marks for student support! Dave was incredibly helpful, with a full in-depth answer to every question I sent him. He was super quick to respond to me, and even on a Saturday which I was very surprised and happy about!."
Jade Blakeley (Webmaster - HTML & CSS for Beginners Course)
"The course was very easy to follow and informative, which made it enjoyable and I found everyone helpful in resolving any problems I had."
Robynne Ibbotson (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)
"Everyone I have dealt with has been exceptionally helpful. I love this course and enjoyed the assessment. The material was very good and the feedback was prompt."
Chris Munster (Counselling and Psychotherapy - QLS Level 4 Course)
"The material was clear and very complete. My tutor was very good and always replied very quick."
Paula Boeira (Introduction To Forensic Science - QLS Level 3 Course)
"I did enjoy studying these courses. Everything was well explained and very organised. It was very easy to access all the information given. Every time I had a question, the team answered promptly to all my emails, giving a feedback to all the assignments sent. Also I received some good advice how to improve my work."
Ana Croitor (Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2019 & 365 Course Bundle)
"Everything was smooth from beginning to end. For me the course was perfect and I would definitely recommend."
Gaynor Sheldon (Support Work in Schools and Colleges - CACHE Level 2 Award (RQF) Course)
"I found the IT Essentials course to be interesting, informative and rewarding. Overall the learning experience is first class and I see little option for improvement."
Wendy Stewardson (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)
"It was daunting at first going back to studying but I was pleasantly surprised and looking at enrolling again!!"
Jessica Stock (Criminology - QLS Level 3 Course) 
"The course was amazing, easy to follow along and pick up where I left off from. Student support was really good, always got quick responses and Dave was super friendly and helpful."
Jordan Wiggins-Francis (Webmaster - HTML & CSS for Beginners Course)
"I really enjoyed studying this course and it was extremely interesting and also at times hard because there was much that I could relate to. I learnt a lot and enjoyed doing all the extra research which I know helped me too!"
Joanna Landon (Counselling and Psychotherapy - QLS Level 4 Course)
"I did enjoy studing the course, what I liked about the materials was their breadth and scope and that the information was all enclosed within the training portal."
Teilo Trimble (PC Technology - Level 3 Course)
"The learning materials were clear and simple to understand. What I like was there was not too much writing but quick easy to understand information for each section along with image examples to help."
Karen Kilborn (Webmaster - HTML & CSS for Beginners Course)
"I really enjoyed this course, it covered everything in great detail and was easy to understand. An amazing course, I have really enjoyed studying and my tutor was so helpful. All responses from my tutor were very quick and I had all the help I needed. The course itself arrived in a couple of days and was easy to understand and get started."
Carrie-Anne Boulton (Counselling - Level 3 Course)
"it was useful as I have been using Word a long time and the course has demonstrated there are better more efficient ways to do things with some of the tools available in Word."
Nicola Byrne (MOS Word 2019/365 Associate Course)
"I found the course very enjoyable, it was difficult in parts but I feel I have learnt a lot. The support was very helpful "
Laura Earp (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"Really enjoyed the course. The materials provided were comprehensive.... But still made you want to go out and research even more which is a real positive. Any questions asked were answered promptly and made sense!!"
Jane Carrigan (Life Coaching - Level 3 Course)
"I thought the course was straight forward and easy to access. There was great support and punctual replies from my tutor."
Daniella Booth (Counselling Children and Adolescents - Level 3 Course)
"I loved this course! I learnt so much and found the course materials very informative. The modules and questions we well posed, and very thought provoking. Studying this course has encouraged me to take my learning a step further, and I am now undertaking a Health Studies Foundations degree. Thank you for encouraging me to believe in myself!"
Sally Nederpel (Advanced Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3 Course)
"The quality of information was superb, easy to follow and digest. The online questions were very helpful."
Martin Nicholson (CIW JavaScript Specialist Course)
"The order process was easy to use and email communications were clear and precise. The course was exactly what i was looking for and the materials were well laid out, easy to follow and concise. There is nothing that you could improve!"
Elizabeth Purves (Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Course Bundle)
"I passed the exam with a 85% mark. I wish I had attempted it much earlier than I did! The material more or less matches what you get on the exam if one sticks to practicing based on it. I would recommend the course to all the beginners in JavaScript programming language."
Martin Nyahasha (CIW JavaScript Specialist Course)
"Very enjoyable. The course materials were great to study from home. They contained everything I needed."
Laura Coombs (Interior Design - Level 3 Course)
"It was a great experience since I love learning Web Design and Development. Everything is new to me but my teacher is one of the best teachers I had in my life. They have always been there for me and have always been available, responding fast which helped me to keep a good studying flow."
Hussain Al Shamari (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"it was a highly insightful and educational course. A good spread of serial/mass/spree murderers who had different motives for their crimes. My ambition was to get an understanding of the minds of killers when they commit their crimes and when they are "cooling off". I more than achieved my ambition. It was also good we studied a couple of murderers who are not well known."
Bob Wailling (Psychology of Criminal Profiling Diploma – Level 3 Course) 
"The course was very beneficial and informative. The practical exercises were great to implement the skills I learned and really improved my knowledge of PowerPoint."
Melanie Hardiman (MOS PowerPoint 2019/365 Associate Course)
"I found the set up excellent, any queries I had were answered quickly and responses were very helpful."
Julie Robertson (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed the course, I learnt a lot from it and using what I have learnt in my current job role. The units were easy to read and end assessments were really easy to understand."
Sami Mohammed (Construction Technologies Theory - QLS Level 3 Course)
"The course materials are excellent. The support provided by Mike and Dave is excellent. They have helped me by providing feedback and support during my coursework."
Maria Fernandez (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"I Very much enjoyed studying this course, it was laid out well, simple to follow and I could contact my course tutor at any point."
Karla Brighton (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed studying the course. The whole method of learning works well for me as; the online lessons are very easy to understand and follow, the tasks and exercises help the new information to sink in and assist with the learning, also anytime I was unsure or confused, I knew I would receive a reply and answer from the support team within an hour, most of the time within 10 minutes."
Emily Butler-Meadows (Web Design Professional Bundle)
"The lessons were very informative and fun. The support from the team was brilliant. They were very helpful and quickly replied to any query I had."
Jordan McGrath (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"I enjoyed doing this course, the material was interesting and prompted wider reading around the subject. This is definitely an area I would be interested in developing further. The course tutor was helpful and prompt in her feedback."
Karen Griffiths (Counselling Children & Adolescents - Level 3 Course)
"I just wanted to provide some feedback on the course. I thought when I started this course that I'd be able to create some really basic web pages by the end but I had no idea that in less than 3 months, I'd be able to make anything on the scale of that final project with the level of different functionality I've included.

There's still a lot to learn but looking back at some of the web pages I was creating in the first couple of lessons, I'm blown away by the difference after just a few months!
In particular, I really like the constant reinforcement of topics covered in the course, I was that worried I wouldn't be able to retain a lot of the course material but I've found that I don't need to refer to my notes very much other than to remember the syntax of some tags. The exercises and assignments really helped me remember many of the techniques in the course by using them repeatedly. I'm looking forward to the next course!"
Philip Caird (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and will come back to try some of your wonderfully, smartly and efficiently designed and organised courses. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Now it is time for me to put the knowledge provided by you into life and go live with some projects!"
Mariusz Straczek (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course & Webmaster: JavaScript - Level 4 Course)
"The course was understandable and made easy to follow instructions. All materials provided with the course were labelled and easy to locate. When working on the course, the location and material needed were all identified professionally and easy to locate. I thoroughly enjoyed my course and am looking to start a level 3 in the upcoming weeks. I would recommend the distance learning centre for anyone looking to forward their career. It's supported me in many ways.

The student support was excellent in every way it could have been. Whenever I messaged my tutor for support or to ask some simple questions the response was imidiate and very informative. I could not fault the support I was given throughout my time completing the course. Once I had completed my course there was some problems opening some of my work, however my tutor reassured me and provided me with faith that the centre would be able to view my course. He made this possible and I can not thank everyone at the centre enough for all the support given.

I felt like the learning experience was understandable and of interest. I would recommend these courses to anyone who asked. From thought there is nothing that could have changed how much I learnt and the experience I had."
Emily-Jayne Heaton (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)
"Really enjoyable. Really liked the course content. Well presented and easy to understand. The feedback on assessments was very encouraging."
Paul Reilly (Property Development - Level 3 Course)
"I very much enjoyed this course and found the materials clear, logical and appropriate. The student support from the team has been outstanding. Any assignments I have sent off have been returned very quickly, and queries have been resolved within a matter of hours."
Ann Marie Carter (Office Management Skills - Level 3 Course)
"The material was very good and i learned a lot about the debt collection process. Also the communication section of the course was very challenging considering i use the phone all day every day. This gave more insight into the way in which i come across on the phone and how to talk to people and get what i want out of the phone call. Student support was very good and responses to questions and assignment marking were very quick. Assignment feedback was well presented."
Shazanne Lodge (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"I did enjoy studying the course, I found the tasks interesting and very helpful for my employment role as a level 2 teaching assistant, it gave me a for informative insight into my job and the role of my colleagues and a better understanding of the students with whom I deal with. I found the support helpful and always received a quick response when asking question to clarify tasks i was struggling with."
Helen Taylor (Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools - CACHE Level 3 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"Loved the course, very interesting!"
Scott Green (Community, Mental Health & Psychiatry - Level 4 Course)
"I loved studying this course plenty of enjoyment doing it and very satisfying passing it giving me fresh knowledge and fresh opportunities for future employment in a new field. The support was amazing all questions where answered with plenty of information and fast response. When i got stuck in any exercises or assignments the support really helped me through. I think the whole package from start to finish was ideal and perfectly managed and look forward to doing further studying in the future."
Craig Devine (Webmaster: Responsive Web Design - Level 4 Course)
"The content was interesting and I felt like I really learnt more from the subject. Any questions I had were answered and I felt I could ask for help at any time. Tutor was always polite and helpful with replies and feedback"
Ashleigh (Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed studying the course, I'm actually in the process at looking at another one relating to what I studied previously. The student support was amazing. Always had my emails answered in a good time."
Leighanne Hickie (Support Work in Schools - CACHE Level 2 Award (RQF) Course
"Enjoyed it thoroughly, would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about things in their own time. Considering doing it for a different subject just for spare time. The course turned up swiftly and I was allowed to finish it in my own time. Every time I submitted a piece of work it was reviewed within 24 hours. Student support was very good and the tutor was very insightful and gave me all the info and feedback I needed. A very good service."
Grant Potter (Property Development - Level 3 Course)
"I did enjoy this course. Particularly interesting was the section on genetic conditions. Materials were very good, and easy to comprehend. I didn't contact student support, but all assignments were marked within a couple of days of sending, and feedback was helpful, especially to someone like myself who had been out of education for many years. "
Karen McCaffrey (Health & Social Care Studies - Level 4 Course)
"The course was clear and interesting and the assignments tested what I'd learned. The lecturer was brilliant. I have autism so sometimes I needed things clarifying and he was really encouraging. It was just what I wanted."
Alix Brown (Animal Care - Level 3 Course)
"I found the course structure easy to follow and the content easy to engage. There were occasions that I would find myself immersing myself well beyond the course requirements with some excellent You Tube presentations that I discovered. The support team offered quick responses with valuable guidance and made for constructive support."
Gregory Morgan (PC Technology - Level 3 Course)
"I did very much enjoy my course and successfully completed the course. I would like to say, support from the tutor was first class, to the point and response or feedback from tutor was very constructive and useful. I have learnt a lot and I am very thankful for such an amazing experience of online learning which i would prefer to others too. I am definitely coming back to do some other course too."
Kanaiyalal Thapa (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"It was very enjoyable. The materials provided, has gave me a lot of confidence in my knowledge. I can not fault this course, or distance learning at all!"
Leanne McQuillan (Dog Grooming - Level 3 Course)
"I liked the opportunity to learn at my own pace and progress the course as time permitted. The main advantage for me was not having a set start date. I only had a couple of minor queries which were answered in a timely manner."
Andrew Walker (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)
"It was hard, but I enjoyed the course and learnt so much to help myself and others. Some questions I did have a little help from the support team who made the questions understandable. "
Julie Ellis (Introduction to Counselling - Level 2 Course)
"I would like to thank you for such excellent quality course material. I have already had people asking me to do planting plans for them which I am excited about. The course is absolutely brilliant and I am very glad that I got it."
Michal Gyepes (Garden Design - Level 3 Course)
"Now that I have completed my course in Garden Design, I found it to be very challenging but hopefully rewarding. It does give one an incentive to fulfil one's ambition in life to be creative. This is a project that once started cannot be left unfinished. It is like a good book. This is something that I myself would recommend to any person who would like to take up a project, not only in the field of Garden Design, but also other subjects. I have really enjoyed the course and found Susan to be a first class tutor."
Colin Henshaw (Garden Design - Level 3 Course)
"I have recently completed the Webmaestro course after starting out with & completing the Webmaster course quite a while back now. This has in no way been 'frowned upon' as you are indeed allowed to learn at your own pace whenever possible. As I ran into difficulties or had any questions, the fast & reliable technical support from Mike by email was first class. All in all, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I now feel empowered to carry on learning about & producing websites after learning the 'nuts & bolts' of web design through these courses."
P Robertson (Web Design Training Bundle)
"Completing both the Webmaster and Webmaestro courses with the Distance Learning Centre provided me with a firm grounding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Having started as a complete novice I finished the courses feeling confident enough to pursue web design as a career. Since then I have set up a web design company specialising in producing sites optimised for mobile devices and am in the process of launching a sister site catering for standard website design. I cannot thank Mike and the team at DLC enough and would highly recommend the courses to anyone no matter how basic your current knowledge."
Stefanie Smith (Web Design Training Bundle)
"I recently completed the WebMaster and WebMaestro course with the Distance Learning Centre which has helped develop my skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to a level where I have even amazed myself. Since completing the course, I have set up my own web design business. I started the course with a small understanding in HTML and CSS but after the first hour I realised there was a lot more to learn which both courses taught me. When ever I became stuck, Mike (tech support) was always on hand to help point me in the right direction. I can't thank Mike and his team at the Distance Learning Centre enough for their help and support they gave me through this course. I will be looking at developing my skills further with them in the very near future."
Michael Hill (Web Design Training Bundle)
"I completed both the Webmaster HTML and JavaScript courses and found both to be richly rewarding. The course materials were excellent and were pitched at just the right level, i.e. challenging but not too difficult. The skills learnt are easily transferable and I am now a confident web designer / developer."
Adam Donson (Web Design Training Bundle)
"I would to thank the Team at DLC for your help and support during the Webmaster HTML & CSS and JavaScript courses. I have achieved so much while going through the 20 modules and I am looking forward to the next courses from DLC! I highly recommend to anybody who intends to start a career in web design and/or web development."
Jimmy Cangy (Web Design Training Bundle)
"Many thanks Distance Learning Centre. Your Webmaster Courses where just the start I needed. I am now a successful freelance web designer working for various web and graphic design companies and also have my own ever growing client roster."
Ryan Smith (Web Design Training Bundle)
"I thought you would like to see what one of your pupils has been producing as a result of your Web Design courses. The courses have proved to be an outstanding learning opportunity. The tutorials are extremely well produced and the technical support has been outstanding. Each time I had a query you replied swiftly and explained things in a coherent way. Every aspect of the tutoring has been outstanding and not only will I will be using you in the future but also recommending them within the home education environment. Thank you!"
Nicky John (Web Design Training Bundle)
"I would like to thank all the team at the Distance Learning Centre for their support whilst completing the Webmaster Course. The course provided me with further knowledge on HTML and CSS. I also had a brief but clear view of JavaScript. I would recommend the course to anyone looking for an insight to webpages and the internet as a whole. I am now looking to complete the JavaScript course. Once again a big thanks to Mike and the team."
Kyle Hussey (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"I started my WebMaster course a few months ago and although I had a basic/intermediate knowledge of HTML already, I must say that I hugely expanded on that knowledge and gained a whole lot more. My confidence has grown with regards to web design and I can't wait to start the next course. Thank you for the help received"
Susan Seccombe (Web Design Training Bundle)
"A couple of years ago, I signed up for your Webmaster Website Design Course. Following the completion of the course, I designed a website based upon classic television programmes. The site has now grown to some 14 megabytes and in the process I have had over 130,000 visitors as well as recognition from some of the leading Internet Publications in this country and the British Broadcasting Authority. I have also been interviewed on radio stations in Britain and as far away as Australia"
Laurence Marcus (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course) - Television Heaven
"Training with Distance Learning Centre gave me the confidence to start my own Internet Business which I ran for two years. During this time I started doing consultancy work for a Government Agency, advising their business clients on how to embrace Internet Technologies into their companies. I found this work so interesting that I accepted the agencies offer and I am now employed by the agency full time"
Robert Heap-Hammond (Web Design Training Bundle)
"I just wanted to say that I enjoyed both courses and found them to be intelligently organised and informative with excellent support from yourselves. I have learnt a great deal of knowledge quickly on Website design and feel confident utilising what I learnt for myself or in a working environment."
Marie Giammarino (Web Design Training Bundle)
"You might be interested to know of a success story in which Distance Learning Centre has played a part. I have just been offered a job as a web developer with Sapphire Technologies in Stockton-on-Tees. The projects that I completed on your courses showed sufficient potential for me to be taken on as a trainee. Naturally, I am absolutely delighted at this opportunity. You should feel justly proud that your courses are so well designed."
Paul Bowley (Web Design Training Bundle)
"I have received my JavaScript diploma and I would like to thanks you for your support. I greatly enjoyed studying the course and would surely study again with Distance learning Centre. I have recently published the following website:"
Laurence Uzan (Webmaster: JavaScript - Level 4 Course) - Walter Westbrook Artist
"I recently attained my CIW Web Design Professional accreditation after successfully passing the Foundations, Site Design and E-Commerce courses. I am now turning my attention to the JavaScript module and I hope to complete this ASAP. I would particularly like to thank Mike at the Distance Learning Centre for his help over the last 10 months or so, the level of service has been excellent. Every email was responded to within 24 hours or less, and any issue I had was resolved quickly - a first class customer support."
Simon (CIW Web Design Professional Course)
"I signed up for the CIW Web Design Professional Bundle Course in 2009 and have recently attained my CIW Professional accreditation after successfully passing the Foundations and Site Design courses. I am now doing the E-Commerce module and hope to complete this ASAP. A big thanks to Mike at the Distance Learning Centre. The level of support has been excellent. From memory every email has been responded to within 24 hours (usually quicker) and every query/issues resolved in a timely manner - truly first class customer support."
Jeff (CIW Web Design Professional Course)
"I have just completed my CIW Foundation Course and am pleased to say that I have passed the Foundation exam. I thought the course was excellent, as was the prompt and helpful assistance I received when needed. With a good blend of theory and practical labs I would certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain a comprehensive grounding in the fundamentals of Internet Technology and I am looking forward to continuing my learning by taking the CIW Web Design Specialist Course."
Stephen Hall (CIW Web Foundations Associate Course)
"Thanks once again for a great course. I had originally been quoted Over £1000 for the CIW Course, so it was a nice surprise to stumble upon your courses at more than half the price. I have found the course well written and included everything I need to pass my exam."
Mark Taylor (CIW Courses)
"I have completed the Teaching Assistant level 2 course and then decided to do the Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Course. This course requires a placement so I approached my local primary school who were happy to let me volunteer in their reception class one day a week. When I was nearing the end of this course I started applying for jobs and was lucky enough to gain employment in another local Infant School as an SEN Teaching Assistant working one to one with a pupil which I am enjoying very much...[SPLIT]...I chose to study distance learning because of its flexibility, I could study at times to suit myself fitting around my part time job and my family commitments. I enjoy working at my own pace and knowing that the tutor was at the end of an email whenever I needed some help or guidance and my course work was always marked and returned very quickly with useful feedback and kind words of encouragement. I am now doing a really rewarding job thanks to the qualifications I gained through the Distance Learning Centre and I know I would not have achieved this so quickly if I had studied through a conventional college."
Helen Walton (Teaching Assistant and Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools - CACHE Level 2 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"Hi, I'm contacting distance-learning-centre to thank you so much and to give a testimonial for such a great and beyond fantastic service that I've received in the past 12 months. The service that my Distance-Learning centre tutor Jill gave me, was above and beyond expectations and help me get a grade that I've believed for many years was outside of my grasp at GCSE level. I accomplished the GCSE English course and passed with a flying grade B, for which I'm extremely proud and would like to thank you, for such a great service and for picking out the ultimate teacher to teach me. So thank you!"
James Smith (English GCSE Course)
"This course gives an excellent insight into why some people behave in the way they do. Good explanations of behaviours displayed and treatments available."
Helen (Working with Personality Disorders - Level 3 Course)
"I have just completed this course and enjoyed it very much. The folder is well written and presented. The assignments are quite in depth but all the information is available in the folder. My tutor's feedback was useful and encouraging and received promptly."
Helen Walton (Child Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course, the layout of the modules were easy to understand. My tutor was always on hand if required and submitted by assignment feedback to me within 24 hours."
Emma Norris (Health, Exercise & Fitness - Level 3 Course)
"When deciding to study via distance learning it is always a concern whether the company you have chosen or course you have chosen is the right one. I can confidently say that Distance Learning Centre and The Early Years Foundation Course were the best and right choice for me. The content was informative and I feel confident enough to work in an Early Years centre knowing that I know just about everything there is to know about this age group. My tutor was professional, efficient and helpful at all times. The feedback was thorough and when I was slightly off track I was given guidance to steer me in the right direction. I highly recommend this course and Distance Learning Centre. I have already converted two of my colleagues who will be signing up for the same course. Thank you for providing me with an excellent experience. "
Kirsty-Anne Stewart (Understanding Early Years - Level 3 Course)
"I selected this course to enhance my knowledge (for the benefit of my soon-to-come baby), and also I will join a childcare business. Its an expanding and dynamic sector, and I feel that working with children will be richly rewarding for me. I would like to thank Mrs Lee for mentoring and nurturing my new skills, she impressed me with her broad educational background, punctuality, dedication and patience. She does not accept sub-standard work, gives excellent detailed feedback, takes corrective action and gives great support to her students. Her encouragements have been much appreciated. I would definitely recommend the course, its interesting, valuable and rewarding!"
A.M (Complete Child Care - Level 3 Course)
"The course has helped me enormously in my volunteer work with young runaways. It is easy to follow, questions are answered quickly on e-mail & results of assignments are delivered promptly, allowing one to move on through the course material. You work at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Excellent!"
David Welby (Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"Superb course. It was very easy to understand and submit my assignments via email. I would definitely study with them again."
Karen Hartman (Criminology - Level 3 Course)
"This was perfect for me, as I was in full-time employment and I found it impossible to complete this course at College; The Colleges weren't flexible for working people. I was able to complete this at the comfort of my home and at my own speed. The other benefit was I completed this course before those who did the course via College. If you are self-motivated this is right for you, plus you have support available when/if needed."
Miss Davis (Teaching Assistant - Level 2 Course)
"I have given it as much attention as my A+, and treated it with as much importance, and quite rightly so. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and it's content, nicely balanced for the more experienced, and a VERY good introduction to the new wannabe technician."
Mick Isted (Pcmasterclass & A+ Certification Bundle)
"I am writing to let you know I am extremely pleased by the learning system you've provided. I am currently studying your Pcmasterclass course and have almost completed it. I've found the course extremely well presented and it's easily the most enjoyable learning system I've used. Thank you very much."
Raza Hussain (Pcmasterclass - Level 3 Course)
"May I take this opportunity to thank you for your Pcmasterclass home study course I have just completed and your prompt assessment of my work and the despatch of the associated certificate. I found the course provided me with new skills and troubleshooting methods that I have already been able to put to good use within my working environment."
Ady Howes (Pcmasterclass - Level 3 Course)
"Thank you for the support you have given me throughout these courses. Initially I only wanted to learn the basics about computing as most of my work is computer based, but now my Manager has been so impressed with my knowledge, I have been promoted to Team Leader."
Charles Antoine Diall (Pcmasterclass - Level 3 Course)
"Dear Distance Learning Centre, I feel compelled to write and let you know that I recently passed my Microsoft exam. Thank you for the informative study guides supplied and for all the guidance from your support team. Whenever I had a question there was always a quick response. I am already looking forward to passing my next exam and I am now well on my way to becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer"
James Patterson (Microsoft MCSA Course)
"I have purchased 2 courses from Distance Learning Centre and I can vouch for their professionalism and quality of service. After making my initial enquiry, I was never pressured into making a purchase - I was provided with straightforward advice about the courses available. There was also the option of a payment plan to spread the cost of the premium courses. There is an excellent after sales service should the purchaser have any enquiries or problems. If I was asked to pick self-learning training organisation, I would recommend Distance Learning Centre to anyone."
Jacqueline George (Multiple Courses)
"I always regretted not getting my Maths GCSE at school and had found it detailed as a requirement for a lot of jobs that I was interested in. As I work part-time and have 2 young boys, distance learning seemed like the best option for me. The course materials were easy to follow and my tutor was a great help with marking my work quickly. I have now passed my exams with a B Grade and I am even thinking of doing my A Level.... Scary!"
Sarah Potts (Maths GCSE Course)
"I have just completed my course in garden design. It was an excellent course which has given me a good insight into garden design for my future. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to take up garden design. I thank my tutor for being so helpful. I am now looking to proceed with a career in garden design. "
Lake Wilding-Witts (Garden Design - Level 3 Course)
"The course material was brilliant and has given me an excellent foundation for any line of work I could imagine. Anyone looking into Computers, IT, Networks etc. will be mad not to look into this course. Also my Tutor (Michael Verinder) was first class; rapid responses (within an hour at most), very knowledgeable, friendly, professional and of course very supportive. Couldn't have asked for more. Loved it.

I will definitely be coming back for any other courses I decide to do, got some decisions to make now but I feel confident in coming back should I decide to."
Alex Capeling (CIW Web Foundations Associate Course)
"After completing the Webmaster Course (HTML,CSS) I then decided to go further, and find your college to study JavaScript. I have enjoyed these courses very much, because I saw all that I needed. It was well documented and classified step-by-step, there were many good example files, just follow the course, and you will find them very easy to understand. If you want to be a Web designer and developer, I fully recommend taking this course.

I can say Distance Learning Centre have proved themselves as one of the good private schools, according to the course section you provided to me, and as I see I have passed the Assignments, got a (Merit Grade) by senior examiner, and (9 Open Awards Credits) for Web Site Design and construction level three. Thanks to all who are working hard in this college, for their quick answers, especially Mike."
Faraidun Hussain (Webmaster: JavaScript - Level 4 Course)
"I did the Psychology Level 3 course last year and found it very interesting and easy to understand. Currently I am busy with the Health and Social care level 4 course and I am enjoying it thoroughly. The coursework is structured and easy to navigate, and the sales team were excellent throughout! The tutor, Dr English is brilliant. His comments and encouragement are really helping me a lot."
Hannelie Cramb (Psychology - Level 3 Course & Health & Social Care Studies - Level 4 Course)
"I thoroughly enjoyed my course, I felt I had everything I needed in my folder and my tutor was very helpful if I needed anything else."
Danielle Wallace (Life Coaching - Level 3 Course)
"The course was very engaging and easy to follow. The materials are set out very well so encouraging you to keep going throughout the units."
Karen Homer (Health, Exercise & Fitness - Level 3 Course)
"On the whole I found the course to be well written. The exercises throughout provided ample opportunity to re-cap on what I was learning. I liked the fact that I could choose my own topic for the final essay."
Elizabeth Bohannan (Child Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed studying the Webmaster course. It was well paced and interesting throughout with good tasks throughout, placed at appropriate intervals. I had to contact Mike a few times, just to get myself back on track. He always responded really quickly (usually within an hour or so), and was very helpful and resolved my issue/question."
Lauren Phillips (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"The course was very informative. Being in the Medical industry learning new items and understanding them is very knowledgeable and useful. I find the course to be resourceful and assisted me in my daily routine work in the Medical Centre. The student support is very co-operative and assistance is always provided when asked and points were highlighted in view of the assignments. Feedback was straightforward honest and input given was clear. "
Eren Syahirah Abdullah (Medical & Clinical Administration - Level 3 Course)
"Good support. excellent purchase!"
Faryal Shaikh (Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools - CACHE Level 3 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"I was able to do all in my own time. I had access to the tutor who was there when I needed for guidance. The information studying was interesting and in line with other courses. The Tutor was always available and replied before I expected which was great. Good advice given and feedback was fair when I needed to refer."
Narelle Guthrie (Health & Social Care Studies - Level 4 Course)
"The course is very simple to understand and materials are easy to use and informative. The Tutor is very encouraging."
Rebecca Ablett (Children & Young People's Workforce - CACHE Level 2 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"I really enjoyed my course, especially because I am able to re-read information when necessary and there are also really interesting facts in this course. The support was excellent I haven't had any problems with my tutor and he replied very fast and was really nice to work with."
Alexander Birlinger (Animal Care - Level 2 Course)
"I have very much enjoyed reading the information that was provided and researching further. Each course has given me a good sound knowledge with the subjects I have studied. I found the feedback very positive, especially during my CBT course. The feedback given help to keep you focused and encourage you to continue you to do well. When I was stuck And emailed my tutor, I received advise and support very quickly which helped me to move forward in a steady pace too."
Danielle Hunt (Understanding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - Level 4 Course)
"Extremely useful course! Significant amount of data presented in very clear and easy to understand language. The information is good enough to provide certain level of knowledge that allows you to develop your skills. It was a pleasant surprise how promptly I received replies on my queries even during the holidays! The time for completing the tasks as well as the assignments themselves are considered very well. The fact that I received the turnaround on my assignments so quickly was really important."
Gabriela Eneva (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I found it very informative and relevant. The facility to test yourself at the end of each chapter and then the practice papers were invaluable in re-enforcing what I had just learnt. The hands on 'labs' also aided and reinforced the learning process."
Kathy Turner (CIW Courses)
"I enjoyed studying the course, I was very happy with the materials that were provided. I was impressed by the courteous service that I received. The feedback that I was given from my tutor was more than helpful, and the feedback that I was given was not always positive and quite rightly so."
Avril Muller (Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools - CACHE Level 3 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"I loved it, it was great, very interesting and fun, the way the course was laid out was good as well. My tutor was very helpful and informative."
Lisa Day (Forensic Science - Level 3 Course)
"When the brightly coloured file first arrived I was very keen to get started! The modules were organised in manageable chunks so I found the course a lot more enjoyable than previous methods of studying. "
Stephanie Blake (Human Resources - Level 3 Course)
"I think it would be hard to improve, the feedback was excellent, quick turnaround on results, enjoyed the course."
Jade Tarry (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"It was a very interesting course and the folder provided was very detailed on the subject. Only one question to tutor which was answered quickly and satisfactory."
Coral Dinner (Criminology - Level 3 Course)
"I thoroughly enjoyed my course, I've learnt so many things which I will know will help me in my future career. "
Jasmine Bayley (Introduction To Social Care - Level 2 Course)
"The support material was put into simple words to make it easier to understand and interpret. The student support was very good. The tutor replied quickly to my emails and provided support when needed."
Charles Allen (Office Management Skills - Level 3 Course)
"The material was excellent and I enjoyed it so much I have now been accepted at university. I would have never have thought that I would have gone to this length!! Student support was quick, helpful with good advice and guidance. I couldn't fault it. Assignments were marked quickly so If there was a problem you could get feedback how to improve it."
Graham (Psychology - Level 3 Course & Advanced Psychology - Level 4 Course)
"I did enjoy studying. The course materials gave me enough of a baseline to give me an understanding of the topic, so I knew what to look for when I was answering the assignments."
Fiona (Property Development - Level 3 Course)
"Very enjoyable, course materials were excellent, providing lots of reading and all very relevant. Paper copy makes it easy to flip through when studying. The tutor feedback on assignments was very detailed and useful. I can't think of anything to improve it, I found the whole experience enjoyable and did not have any problems. the course was fantastic!"
Nicola Shackleton (Criminal Psychology Diploma  - Level 4 Course)
"Great study material. I would recommend the course to anyone."
Michael Cook (Maths GCSE Course)
"I enjoyed the course. Clearly set out chapters and assignments took interesting topics and encouraged us to explore them."
Caroline Courtney (Counselling - Level 3 Course)
"The course materials were very good and were suitable for a 'rusty' student. The TMA's were very useful as a revision aid and a reality check. I managed to gain a grade C which was my goal after 'failing it twice 38 and 40 years ago. "
Helen Dickinson (Maths GCSE Course)
"It was a very easy sales process and the team was extremely helpful in making sure the course was suitable for me. They course layout was very informative and simple. The feedback was always quick to get from tutors."
Humma Adnaan (Human Resources - Level 3 Course)
"Thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the material easy to follow and extremely well laid out. The sales process could not have been simpler and the team were extremely friendly."
Lynne Parry (Interior Design - Level 3 Course)
"I enjoyed studying this course. Web design is my hobby. I learned very useful things like making a iframe slideshow. When i asked something my course mentor I received the answers almost immediately."
Asen Ganev (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"The course was more in depth than I thought it would be. It was interesting and very relevant to my job. Whenever I had any questions or queries they were answered quickly."
Shirley Brownhill (Office Management Skills - Level 3 Course)
"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative course for someone looking to develop interactive websites, apps or games. With a well structured learning portal and the support team are great, responding quickly to queries and providing ideas on how to complete tasks."
Kier Andrews (Webmaster: JavaScript - Level 4 Course)
"The student support is outstanding! They helped so much and give the best advice."
Yousra Attab (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"Very easy to purchase ordered on line and came quickly. The course was very enjoyable. The support was good and liked the clear points given by the tutor."
Ruth Wilson (Human Resources - Level 3 Course)
"The course was amazing and the material was clear and concise. I enjoyed every moment of the course and found it provided me with the tools I need to be an effective counsellor and psychotherapist. The student support was outstanding. The tutor was so supportive, helpful, gave guidance and was a true mentor. The care, understanding and advise I was given was beyond expectation."
Emilia Finamore (Counselling & Psychotherapy - Level 4 Course)
"Absolutely brilliant support. I was never left waiting for a reply and I felt that nothing was too much trouble."
Karen Woodford (MOS Excel Course)
"I had to resit my Science GCSE to get onto a PGCE course a couple of years ago and I chose to resit my Maths GCSE at the same time to improve my grade achieved at school. I really enjoyed both courses and the materials were really easy to work with. I enjoyed it so much I have just recently enrolled on the Psychology GCSE Course with yourselves - just for fun!"
Emma Grant (Maths GCSE, Science IGCSE & Psychology GCSE)
"Found the course very enjoyable the fact I could do it at my own pace. The materials were filled with plenty of useful information and have come in handy even after I have completed the course. I found the ordering to be very easy and pleasant. Feedback from tutor was always filled with great comments and advise."
Ashlea Hassell (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"A high standard of service the course was easy to follow and a quick and very helpfully team. I found the course really interesting and easy to follow , once I figured out the correct format to do my assignments in it was a joy and very rewarding. "
Amanda Wyle (Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools - CACHE Level 3 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"Easy to order, use and understand. Admin was prompt and efficient. The course materials were excellent. Easy to understand and very thorough with the information provided. Tutor was efficient, prompt and gave good feed back on each assessment."
Claire Walker (Personnel Skills - Level 2 Course)
"I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Having never done distance learning before, I was a bit sceptical. However, the training materials arrived the next day! They were simple yet effective, it was not overwhelming with books and papers. The disc installed on the system and had everything needed. Was very clear and user friendly. Student support was amazing. Any query I had was answered within 24 hours. It made me feel like the person knew me as a student not as a number in the database. very thorough responses and helpful. Always made me feel like I could approach them with any question. Also they added a personal touch to responses which made me realise they pay attention to every word written."
Thomas Gooding (Web Design Professional Bundle)
"The technical support was always excellent. I was asking several times, and I was answered in less than 5 hours, with examples of what I didn't understand or with links to sites to see more information about a particular subject."
Alberto Fernandez (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"The course challenged my thinking and I found it very useful to be able to study alongside my full time job as there were many elements that were relevant. My tutor was very helpful and the feedback was valuable."
Nicola Azzopardi (Counselling Children & Adolescents - Level 3 Course)
"Ordering and paying for this course is made very easy and it was promptly delivered. I really enjoyed studying this course; it was very interesting and informative. The information provided in the pack was very clear and relevant. My tutor was also fantastic, responding quickly to assignment and giving encouraging feedback. "
Deborah Packer (Health & Social Care Studies - Level 3 Course)
"The materials provided me with all the help needed to progress. They were set out in easy to understand wording, which was great because it kept up your interest. Support was always helpful, and always prompt with their feedback."
Maurice Whittington (Counselling & Psychotherapy - Level 4 Course)
"Loved it! Very informative and very well laid out. All submitted assignments assessed immediately and constructive feedback provided."
Elaine Longmuir (Garden Design - Level 3 Course)
"All of my interactions with the sales/admin team have been an extremely positive experience, the staff have been very helpful and responded to all of my queries within a short amount of time. I found the combination of digital and physical materials worked well, and enjoyed the content. I particularly liked how the online quizzes at the end of each lesson were set up to consolidate the new information. I enjoyed learning with the Distance Learning Centre and will definitely complete further courses with them in future."
Steve Gravener (CIW Web Foundations Associate Course)
"The materials were professional and clear. Easy to use and well organised. The tutor was helpful and efficient."
Katherine Whiskerd (Counselling Children & Adolescents - Level 3 Course)
"I enjoyed studying with distance learning very much. I found the folder and all its course content extremely useful and easy to follow. The content was very informative and relevant to the course and helped no end with my studies. The course and all the correspondence that went with it was of great quality. Everything was easy to follow, quick and secure and I was very pleased with the whole process. Student support was very good. I always had someone I could talk to or ask questions."
Emily Blackeby (Counselling Children & Adolescents - Level 3 Course)
"My learning experience with DLC was very positive. The tutor was excellent & her responses were always quick & very helpful. Some distance learning courses use general tutor who cover all subjects, but DLC use tutors who are experts in their field. I am seriously considering doing another course with DLC soon."
Pam Overend (Psychology GCSE Course)
"As a mature student, this gave me the confidence to go onto an access course at college and then apply for a degree at medical school at University. I have just finished my second year. Your courses were exceptionally well structured, I had been out of education for many years. It was the mid-eighties when I took my exams at school (of which I did not do particularly well at!). The tutor feedback and encouragement given to me, gave me the confidence to apply for Uni and I have not looked back. For me your courses were well worth the money. I would highly recommend your courses to anyone."
Ashleigh Duncan (Chemistry, Biology, Physics & Maths GCSE Courses)
"I did enjoy doing this course, I found parts of it very informative and knowing that I have passed this course, I will be making arrangements to study the next level if there is one."
Helen Honywill (Office Management Skills - Level 3 Course)
"Can't fault the course material or the efficiency when dealing with course tutor/administration."
Stephen Hughes (Chemistry IGCSE Course)
"The course was very enjoyable. The video clips and exercises made it easier to learn html. The support was very helpful. I always received a reply within 24 hours and the reply was understandable and i always received a simplified explanation to my query."
Samantha Bradley (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"Very well structured materials, easy to follow and very interesting. The support is just perfect. Very fast answering on my questions."
Asen Ganev (Webmaster: JavaScript - Level 4 Course)
"The material was really useful and built up your knowledge at a steady incremental rate."
Paul King (Python for Beginners - Level 3 Course)
"The materials were extremely satisfactory. They were appropriate for the course and allowed me to progress and continue to completion. When I contacted support I received positive responses which enabled me to succeed."
Vivienne Adam (Property Development - Level 3 Course)
"I found the course really informative. The content of course material was good. Well presented, and easy to follow guidelines. I received feedback on all assignments which I found beneficial. I knew that the tutor was available if I needed them"
Anita Thorne (Drug & Alcohol Counselling - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed this course, it was very informative and did a lot of further research whilst completing the assignments. The order process was great, quick response and sales team were great too. The Support was great too, always a quick response from Chris, and quick turnaround time on feedback for assignments."
Laura Coombs (Criminology - Level 3 Course)
"A good value for money course, hands on exercises are really good, handbook and course materials are also good."
Mark Pritchard (Adobe InDesign CC Course)
"The course was fantastic, well put together with plenty off support when needed, I feel I have learnt a great deal and thought the course structure was laid out well. The whole order process is very easy, fast and efficient. Any dealings with the sales or admin team were a pleasant experience. Student support was honestly fantastic, I received feedback and support whenever I needed it which helps to keep you working towards that goal"
Jason Burns (Python for Beginners - Level 3 Course)
"The course was well structured with clear content throughout. The activities and exercises kept me engaged as I went through, and the questions at the end tested my knowledge on the breadth of course information."
William Maloney (Project Management - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed the course materials and felt that the topics covered were very relevant and up-to-date. It was easy to relate the topics to real life experience for a greater understanding. My tutor was always very fast with his feedback and gave me encouraging and constructive comments. "
Lauren Doble Alshehhi (Property Development Course)
"I enjoyed the course! I felt not only did it broaden my knowledge within my job, it helped me understand extended services we use and how those services work."
Chelsea Jubb (Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care - Level 3 Course)
"I just wanted to share some fantastic news with you. So following on from the success of my result on the Python course I have just been offered a job as a Junior Software Developer. I had my interview 2 weeks ago and they were very impressed with my determination and commitment to learning programming skills in my spare time. They also felt that my ability to stay calm during a whiteboard code test and technical questions was really good. This recent success is the result of taking the Python course and practicing the skills learnt. It just shows what you can achieve with hard work and sheer determination. I start my new role in 4 weeks and very excited to embark on this new challenge."
Anthony Swift (Python for Beginners - Level 3 Course)
"Loved this course...always had an interest in the subject, but wasn't available at school. My tutor... Pam... was very accessible, and provided some great resources online and through email. She was always friendly, and professional."
Elaine Rudd (Human Biology IGCSE Course)
"I enjoyed the Web Foundations and it gave me a solid (if not more insight) into the networking side of things (having previously completed Networking Modules on Higher National Certificates. Everything online was easy to find and all course modules are thoroughly explained to the new student. The admin team was spot on in everything they advised me and this made me feel more comfortable entering into the course. I'm a previous graduate with the Open University and I would put the Distance Learning Centre on par with the OU. Very enjoyable."
Steve Aitkin (CIW Web Foundations Associate Course)
"I enjoyed the course very much. The material were very good and always were a great help in pointing me in the right direction when I needed to do my own research. The support set out in the beginning was very good but I did not use any further support during the course as it was not required."
Gary Griffiths (PC Technology - Level 3 Course)
"Everything was very informative and I liked the different ways of explaining things using graphs or bullet points. I did not really need the student support as everything was so easy but when I completed the course and contacted the tutor he was very quick to reply and helpful."
Tracey Westcott (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"I did enjoy my course very much. The notes provided are written very clear with all the updated information and legislation. Quick responses and very helpful support."
Kristina Rudiene (Support Work in Schools - CACHE Level 2 Award (RQF) Course)
"I had a great time during the course, I had very good and helpful materials, great mentor support my work. The Mentor supported my work, the answers was very quick and clear."
Aleksandra Stasik (Children & Young People's Workforce - CACHE Level 2 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"Lots of well written content that explained the material concisely and in an understandable way. I don't think I was lost or didn't understand what was being explained at any point in the course. My tutor Chris was fast with his feedback and helped me improve in any areas that needed it. Easy to pay for, course exactly as described, tutor always available, good course notes. Not really much to improve..."
Jamie Geomeche (Sports Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed the course, I was a bit worried about it being too hard but it was worded, that you could understand it. Easy to follow questions. I was used the folder for answering the questions, the internet and also my school environment. I am so glad I took the plunge to do the course. On each assignment I sent I had clear feed back for each piece of writing. Which I felt was excellent."
Jane Andrew (Child Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"Yes, it was very informative and I enjoyed learning all about the different systems within the human body. The images and tables throughout the material were extremely useful and in completing the TMA exercises allowed me to reflect on my learning. I liked the fact that I received a physical copy of the material so that I can now refer back to it at a later stage, as and when required."
Laura Brown (Advanced Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3 Course)
"I enjoyed very much as it is very relevant to my Job roll and learning extra bits I may not come across in my day to day workings. My tutor was wonderful and very prompt at getting back to me."
Hannah Park (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"The course was very enjoyable and fun to do. The support was excellent always helpful in any queries I had."
Craig Devine (Webmaster: JavaScript - Level 4 Course)
"The materials were pleasantly laid out in a formal and educational manner. Each Module was easy to understand and diagrams also aided in this process. The language and explanations used were simple and easy to read without being too dumbed down. There were clear headings and title which made it easy to refer back to information when writing up the TMA's. Very good."
Sarah Geidesz (Advanced Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3 Course)
"I found the course interesting. The online package is very well put together. "
Mark Williams (PC Technology - Level 3 Course)
"I found the course great! I loved the manual. The layout and information it provided, really helped me complete the course. Excellent very quick responses and support. I personally can't think of anything that I would want to improve "
Lucy Clarke (Dental Practice Administration - Level 3 Course)
"I did enjoy studying this course and I found the materials clear and well written. I did not require any further support but emails confirming the receipt of my assignments were sent minutes after submission and the marking was always completed within the stated time scales."
Tanya Wright (Office Management Skills - Level 3 Course)
"Yes, I did enjoy the course very much and it is very easy to follow and understand because the materials are user-friendly for beginners like me. The student support I received was excellent. Dave my instructor was very helpful and he responded to all my queries and clarifications in detail and very knowledgeable. Mike was very supportive also when it comes to technical problems I encountered."
Marilou Iway (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"I thought it was great. The lessons were short and informative allowing you to practice and go back to it if necessary. Having a quiz at the end of each lesson was very helpful, and also useful to give yourself a refresher if necessary. The support was great. Whenever I needed help I would receive an email back very quickly and the issue was always solved in no time."
Hannah Woodcock (MOS Excel Essentials Online Course)
"I loved studying the course. It helped me to look more in depth into my role as a clinical admin and evaluate some of the processes used now and how we could better then / change them to be more effective etc. I didn't require the use of student support but the feedback from tutors on assignments was informative and helpful."
Victoria Toulmin (Medical & Clinical Administration - Level 3 Course)
"As a PhD and university lecturer with over 20 years experience, I think you guys did great. Well presented, clear and useful. Online platform well delivered. Great effort! "
John Anderson (Advanced Property Development - Level 4 Course)
"Good Course. the materials were useful, and I also did my own research."
Sarah Colwell (Drug & Alcohol Counselling - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed doing the course. It had been a long time since I had completed any coursework, and I was very apprehensive to start with. I felt as I was that much older since I completed any studies I was concerned that I wouldn't retain the information. I was very pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed completing it."
Lynne Holloway (Introduction to Mental Health - Level 2 Course)
"I thoroughly enjoyed studying the course. I found the first two courses quite basic and didn't really acquire too much from them but they are aimed at absolute beginners which I wasn't when taking the course, but if you are I would highly recommend it and it would give a good foundation to build upon. The third course was JavaScript which was decently challenging covering all the basics at a decent pace. I truly had to think my way though the final exercise which was very refreshing. JavaScript has moved on leaps and bounds since I was using it last and I need a good refresher to grasp the language again. Highly recommended."
David Hayes (Webmaster: JavaScript - Level 4 Course)
"I thought the course materials, both in terms of quality and thoroughness, as well as the pace of the course, were excellent - it felt like I was being led forward step by step, being gently challenged all the time so that my knowledge and understanding steadily grew. As this was a totally new subject for me, I really valued this approach - I was given all the info I needed to learn but the exercises and assignments also stretched me and really made me think and figure stuff out on my own initiative (but with the safety of knowing I had support available if I got totally stuck!)."
Jill Andrews (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"I enjoyed the course and the materials were easy to read and too follow, I will be keeping them to be able to go back to them if needed. The support and feedback was perfect for me."
Jane Martin (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"I have designed my first official website and it was launched last week. I couldn’t have done this with without your help and without the great course that your whole team has produced."
Paul Lewin (Web Design Professional Bundle) - Pixel Cove Photography
"I enjoyed the course. The materials provided were informative and contained the information needed to complete each assignment as well as giving a broad overview of each topic. I always got prompt feedback when submitting assignments to let me know they had been received, this was particularly useful. The marking was comprehensive and included comments about how to make improvements"
Jennie Higson (Counselling Children & Adolescents - Level 3 Course)
"I enjoyed studying for my course, particularly as I could do this in my own time and not have to attend a college or session. It gave me flexibility and I was able to complete it in comfortable time. Loved the way the course was laid out, read each section and then complete an assignment, very easy to understand and by the third assignment I couldn't actually wait to finish the fourth, I really got into it! Once you get into the flow of things it becomes a lot easier, probably a bit daunting to begin with as the text book looks long. I managed to study whilst working 5 days a week, my business allowed me to allocate time at work to do this and have supported me through. Once I received the confirmation of certification, my business appointed me as the office manager which is fantastic! "
Natalie Clarke (Office Management Skills - Level 3 Course)
"I found the course study guides very helpful and I wouldn't have passed without them. Fran, Rob and my tutor Shirley went above and beyond to help and support me when I needed it."
Claire Smithson (Specialist Support for Teaching & Learning in Schools - CACHE Level 3 Diploma (RQF) Course)
"I certainly enjoyed the course. The material has widened my knowledge of social behaviours and impact of individuals action. The student support has encouraged me to write point by point explanation for the question. The feedback was great, which was clear and encouraging with required views from tutors."
Dilip Paranjape (Sociology - Level 3 Course)
"I had all the information I needed to complete the course and the tutor was very helpful in guiding me if I was unsure on any tasks. If I had any questions, the tutor was always happy to help and answer my questions. "
Kulvinder Sangar (Bookkeeping - Level 2 Course)
"I really enjoyed it, so interesting, easy to follow and complete. The whole process was amazing, straight forward and so helpful!"
Paige Roselle Dawson (Animal Care - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed studying for this course. The coursework book is very informative and clear. The student support was excellent. The feedback I received was very encouraging."
Elaine McCarthy (Drug & Alcohol Counselling - Level 3 Course)
"I really enjoyed studying this course. The information folders were self explanatory and the book supplied with the course was a great help. On a few occasions I needed to ask a general question by e-mail. the e-mails were always answered swiftly and efficiently."
Sarah Marshall (Supporting Teaching & Leaning in Schools - CACHE Level 3 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"I did enjoy studying the course. It was my first experience of studying for many years and I enjoyed the discipline of working through the workbook. The materials followed a very logical order and I felt that I was able to apply my learning as I progressed from one module to the next. The support was excellent. I only had cause to contact my tutor for the marking of assignments but the feedback I received was always very prompt and encouraging."
Alison Punnett (Advanced Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3 Course)
"The course had a lot of variety and a lot of content. I enjoyed covering all of the different components. The folder was very insightful and helped know what kind of information I should be looking for. "
Vicky Martin (Health & Social Care Studies - Level 3 Course)
"The course covered a vast amount of information. I was using this course as a way to access further studies with a university it was all that I required."
Aoife Merren (Advanced Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3 Course)
"I thought the course was all very comprehensive."
Ria Williams (Credit Control & Debt Management - Level 3 Course)
"The course was very well laid out. All the information needed was in the information provided. Emails were answered very fast and even the assessment returns came back quicker than expected"
Simon Gee (Sports Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"Great Course! Really supportive and understanding. No improvements as I see it."
Lauren Mobsby (Sports Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"When I first received the pack it looked daunting. I really enjoyed studying and the course helped me a lot in the job I do. I am really pleased that I passed and very proud of what I achieved. The tutor was really helpful and answered any emails I sent promptly. The feedback that I received at the end of the units was very useful and set out so that it was easy to understand."
Gillian Allaway (Specialist Support For Teaching & Learning in Schools - CACHE Level 3 Diploma (RQF) Course)
"I enjoyed the course very much it was extremely informative and I feel I learnt a lot as I went through the course materials. The structure of the course was well laid out and seemed to suit my style of learning. The follow by example was a good way of learning for me."
Justin Sinkins (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"Great course materials. Easy to read and understand."
Peter Wankowicz (Drug & Alcohol Counselling - Level 3 Course)
"The materials provided were informative and well explained. I found the course to be good in covering the content included. The feedback from tutor was positive and encouraging."
Jennifer Bishop (Advanced Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3 Course)
"It was a great learning experience. The materials provided were extremely useful and the process of following an example and then creating one yourself was a good way to practice the skills learnt through the module. I used student support on more than a few occasions and I was very happy with the speed of the response as well as the advice given. It was good to know that if I became stuck or confused on anything, I could contact student support and receive a quick reply. Due to the quick response, I was able to continue where I left off within a few hours."
Alice Williams (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"I enjoyed the course. There was enough information to lay the foundation and encourage self-study. The tutor was very quick to answer queries and correspondence."
Denise Wood (Life Coaching - Level 3 Course)
"I found the course difficult but enjoyable. I would recommend anyone studying the course to put in the hours if you wish to gain the CCNA qualification. However, with the tools provided on the online course. I successfully gained my CCNA. I found the support pretty good. The team were punctual with resolving issues I had with regards to the online learning centre."
Callum Busley (Cisco CCNA 200-301 Online Course)
"I absolutely LOVED my course. The content was well written, thought provoking and very relevant practical exercises throughout which were very applicable to the end assignments. The student support excelled in my expectations. My tutor gave fantastic feedback, was very encouraging and so fast in the turnaround of my assignments and made the course truly exceptional in comparison to others I have taken."
Evie P (Professional Business Development - Level 4 Course)
"I thoroughly enjoyed my course and found the materials very helpful. I had everything I needed to improve my knowledge and if I had any questions I knew I could contact my tutor for support. I found the materials very well structured and liked how I had an introduction to look back on whenever I was unsure. I found the order process very easy, i placed my order online and received my coursework and materials not long after. I had been unsure how I would manage as I have a toddler and also work in a school full time, but with the help and support of my tutor I was able to complete my course two months early!"
Kirsty Coles (Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools - CACHE Level 2 Certificate (RQF) Course)
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Excellent support with supportive and encouraging feedback comments."
Christine Boulton (Counselling Children & Adolescents - Level 3 Course)
"The course set up was intuitive and easy to follow. The content was comprehensive and detailed and the method of examples followed by practical tasks was an effective way of learning. The support was excellent. Responses were fast and helpful."
Raven Taylor (Webmaster: HTML & CSS - Level 3 Course)
"The course was good. My tutor was very good and always approachable."
Anna Cox (Construction Technologies Theory - Level 3 Course)
"The course was perfect for my requirements. It was actually an enjoyment rather than a chore. Everything was explained in a very understanding way. Would definitely use Distance Learning again. Excellent support service with immediate responses to questions."
Jane Marshall (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)
"The module topics were really interesting and provided enough information to give a deep dive into the complexity of each topic. The support system was quick and efficient, clear outline on what could improve and how."
Lanna Breetzke (Child Psychology - Level 3 Course)
"The course was very easy to follow and explained each subject thoroughly. Excellent support. Response was very quick and issues I had with a database was resolved very quickly."
Clare Coakley (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)
"I enjoyed my course very much! The support I received was excellent, if I had any queries I had lots of help and heard back by email more or less straight away."
Annemarie Barraclough (IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) Course)