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How to Learn a New Language

We look at tips for learning a new language, including choosing a language you love, taking online courses, using technology and media, and getting real-life practice.

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What is QLS Certification?

QLS or “Quality Licence Scheme” is a form of Certification offered through The Skills and Education Group.

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Becoming a Counsellor

Do you want to become a Counsellor but aren't sure of the best route to take? Find out how Distance Learning Centre can help with introductory courses to this fascinating subject!

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The Benefits of Online Study

why study online? There are many benefits to studying an online course and you can gain a qualification that could shape your future.

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Designing and Building a Website

If you've ever been interested in how websites are built or would like to know more, we can help with our web design and development courses. Enquire today.

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How to Become a Games Developer

Find out how to become a game developer as well as how to get started in game development by choosing to enrol on one of our game development courses.

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Could You Pass GCSE Maths?

With Maths GCSE’s becoming increasingly difficult, we’ve decided to test your knowledge with five foundation maths GCSE questions. Take this test to see if you could pass GCSE Maths?

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Be The Best You

If you are trying to improve in your career, take a look at our post to becoming the best you with Distance Learning Centre.

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At Distance Learning Centre we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and students as we face up to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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NUS Extra TOTUM Card Offer

For a limited time only students can now gain a discount on the NUS Extra TOTUM Pro student Card which offers discounts for eating out, entertainment, fashion, supermarkets and travel, and much much more!

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How to Write a Modern CV

See how to write a modern CV with Distance Learning Centre. Let your experience, skills & achievements speak for themselves. Get the best tips for CVs today.

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IT Skills: A Refresher

Find out how the new IT courses available at Distance Learning Centre can help improve your employability and keep you ahead of the game in an IT dominated world.

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What is the TOTUM Card?

Find out here at Distance Learning Centre the benefits of the new TOTUM card by NUS. Bringing you exclusive discounts, we look at how to apply and the difference between TOTUM and NUS Extra.

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Result Day Blues?

Didn't get the results you were expecting on results day? Don't worry, there are many avenues still available for you to get your dream career.

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GCSE English Literature & Language Key Terms

Revising for your GCSE English Literature and English Language exams can be hard but with the right resources, it can become easier. Revise your nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, similies, metaphors, hyperboles and onomatopoeias with the Distance Learning Centre's GCSE English Key Terms table.

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5 Apps to Help You Focus & Concentrate

Take a look at our top five best free apps to help you focus and concentrate, as well as improve your mind and body! Learn more by reading our latest blog.

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The Online Revolution

High street stores, including many household names, are closing their doors in droves. The Online Revolution has begun! Find out more about what this means.

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Bloggers guide to improving your content.jpg

Bloggers Guide to Improving your Content

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or a newbie, we’ve collected some tips on how you can create blog content that everyone will love. Learn more today.

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Food and nutrition courses.jpg

Food & Nutrition Courses

Food & nutrition courses online help you to gain an understanding of what goes into food and are a great way to kick off an exciting career. Enquire today.

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Advancing your Career in Construction

Looking to progress your career in construction? Distance Learning Centre’s online construction courses are a fantastic place to start. Enquire today.

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Language Learning Courses

For the best language learning courses, see our selection of interactive online lessons. Learn Spanish, English or French by enquiring with us online today.

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How to Become a Professional Writer

Learn how to become a professional writer with our selection of writing courses here at Distance Learning Centre. Learn more and enquire with us today.

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GCSE & IGCSE Examination Dates for 2019

To help you stay organised, Distance Learning Centre have listed both the GSCE & IGCSE 2019 examination dates and timetables. Learn more & enquire today.


A Level Examination Dates for 2019

To help you stay organised, the Distance Learning Centre have listed the A-Level 2019 examination dates and timetables. Learn more & enquire further today.

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Studying Drug and Alcohol Misuse

The Distance Learning Centre has many courses that gives students the opportunity to learn advanced skills in understanding the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

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Returning to Education

Read the Distance Learning Centre guide to returning to education, including how to finance your studies as well as creating a good work life balance.

How to start a career in social media.jpg

How to start a Career in Social Media

Check out the latest blogpost from the Distance Learning Centre around social media courses to take and how you can start a career in social media.

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How to become a python developer.jpg

How to become a Python Developer

Read our latest blogpost on How to become a Python Developer by taking our Python for Beginners course with the Distance Learning Centre.

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New psi testing for ciw exams.jpg

New PSI Testing for CIW exams

CIW Exams can be sat through remote proctoring either at home or work through PSI testing. Students need an webcam and high speed Internet connection.

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How to become an ethical hacker.jpg

How to become an Ethical Hacker

Find out how to become an ethical hacker. Our ethical hacker course focuses on security techniques vital to protecting websites from attack. Find out more.

Changes to GCSEs, IGCSE

Changes to GCSEs, IGCSEs and A Levels

For information on the new changes to A-Levels and GCSE's, and how this may affect your future studies, visit the Distance Learning Centre today.

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Revision essentials stationary.jpg

Revision Essentials: Stationary

Read the Distance Learning Centre guide on all the stationary revision essentials you will need when starting a new school or university.

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Spring Clean your Study Space

Distance Learning Centre have listed the best advice for tidying your study space, and for keeping it clean for as long as possible.

Resitting A Level and GCSE

Resitting A-Levels and GCSEs

Have you ever thought about going back and resitting A-level's or GCSE's? You can resit your A-level's or GCSE's with the Distance Learning Centre.

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Cover Letter Guidelines

Find out how to make an appealing covering letter for your applications with our handy cover letter guidelines. For more information, enquire with us today.

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5 Perfect Gifts for a Student

Get to know this years best gifts for students by reading the Distance Learning Centre's gift guide including the Amazon Echo and Apple Watch!

How to use social media responsibly.jpg

How to Use Social Media Responsibly

Distance Learning Centre have shared some tips on how to use social media responsibly. It is important to be careful what you choose to share online.

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Courses you might want to revisit.jpg

Courses You Might Want to Revisit

Do you regret not finishing a course at school or college? Maybe you didn't get the mark you wanted? Take a look at these courses you might want to finish.

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How to become a garden designer.jpg

How to Become a Garden Designer

In this guide, we'll run through what you need to know about how to become a garden designer, whatever your motivation and eventual goals might be.

How to become a carer.jpg

How to Become a Carer

This article explains how to become a carer, including what qualifications you need to become a carer and what you will learn on a health and social course.

The counselling and psychotherapy course.jpg

The Counselling and Psychotherapy Course

People will often turn to a Counsellor or Psychotherapist to talk about hard-hitting topics that a regular doctor may not be equipped to deal with. These can include bereavement, stress, depression, eating disorders, and alcohol or drug abuse.

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Learning a Foreign Language

Whether you are thinking of studying abroad, or you just want to improve your lingual skills, it can be very rewarding to learn a foreign language.

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Changes to the GCSE Grading system

There has been some confusion about the new GCSE grading systems and changes to syllabus so we thought we would write a short blogpost to explain.

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What is CompTIA A+ Certification?

A CompTIA A+ certification is an entry-level qualification for computer support technicians that demonstrates their competence in PC repair and maintenance.

What is a cache qualification.jpg

What is A CACHE Qualification?

If you're looking into pursuing a career in childcare or as a teaching assistant, you may well have heard of CACHE qualifications. But what are they, and are they right for you?

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How to become a teaching assistant.jpg

How to Become a Teaching Assistant

Thinking about becoming a teaching assistant, but confused about where to start? Here, we outline every step of the exciting journey that lies ahead.

5 reasons to get an ecdl qualification.jpg

5 Reasons to Get an ECDL Qualification

Considering signing up for a European Computer Driving Licence, or 'ECDL', course? Here are five reasons why it's a good idea to get an ECDL qualification.

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How to become a property developer.jpg

How to Become a Property Developer

If you are interested in becoming a property developer, or want to improve your knowledge of the industry, have a read of our property development article.

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How to write a successful cv.jpg

How to write a successful CV

Your CV is your advert and a chance to show employers what you’ve got. Take a look at our top CV writing tips that will send you straight into the hot seat.

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Top 5 Places to Study.jpg

The Top 5 Places to Study

Where exactly are you going to study? We've done the work for you. Here's a list of the ultimate revision hotspots.

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Enhance your note taking

Learn how to perfect your note taking by reading these tips from the Distance Learning Centre.

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