5 Apps to Help You Focus & Concentrate

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Sometimes we all need a little help when studying, especially if it is a large subject such as advanced psychology or a complex topic such as dementia. So, to continue our useful app series (you can find our blog post on apps which help you with time management) and make studying easier, we’ve gathered five of the best free apps to help you focus and concentrate on your work, as well as improve your mind and body!<


The Hold app has created a buzz online since its launch in the UK this year. This app helps you to focus by rewarding you with points for leaving your phone unchecked between the hours of 7am-11pm. You can then spend these points on cool rewards such as discounted cinema tickets, free popcorn and tasty coffees. Allowing you to accumulate points every 20 minutes, Hold helps incentivise you to focus on your revision without distractions from social media.


Numerous media articles and scientific studies including one from the journal Psychological Science have suggested meditation can help improve your concentration. Headspace is an app that helps you to concentrate by embracing this science in a pretty and peaceful way, teaching you techniques on how to be more mindful and productive. These hints and tips will help you to relax and destress, leaving you in the best possible mindset to start revising or essay writing.


It's much easier to concentrate if you’re doing something you enjoy which is why Quizlet, an app which makes studying fun and simple, is third on our list. You can make colourful, interactive quizzes and flashcards to test your knowledge on the go. These flashcards will be stored safely in the app, so there’s no risk of you losing them. Crucially, the app also allows to access the flashcard content when not connected to the internet, so you have no excuse not to revise!


One Big Thing is a Canadian app created by developer Nick Burka. This app is all about helping you focus on completing one thing each day whether that’s finishing an essay, revising a topic or simply doing the washing up! Every day you type one thing you want to achieve into the app, adding smaller checklists if you need them, and then tick each item off as you go. It's a great way of keeping you focused on the task at hand and gives you the satisfaction of looking back at all the things you’ve achieved the past week or month.


Like the Hold app, Forest is an app that helps you to focus by limiting distractions through nature. When you want to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, log into the app and plant a little tree. The longer you stay off your phone the bigger your tree will grow but if you go on your phone to check your texts your little tree will die; plant several trees and you can make your very own mobile forest. The best part? You can donate the virtual coins earned through your trees to Trees for the Future, a charity which plants real trees in exchange for your coins.

When it comes to revising, any tools that can help you stay focused on your course and achieve the best possible result are crucial. Even better when these tools are simple to use and fit easily into your everyday routine. You can use any of the apps above to complement and support your revision for our online courses.