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The Benefits of Online Study

why study online? There are many benefits to studying an online course and you can gain a qualification that could shape your future.

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Be The Best You

If you are trying to improve in your career, take a look at our post to becoming the best you with Distance Learning Centre.

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Could You Pass GCSE Maths?

With Maths GCSE’s becoming increasingly difficult, we’ve decided to test your knowledge with five foundation maths GCSE questions. Take this test to see if you could pass GCSE Maths?

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5 Apps to Help You Focus & Concentrate

Take a look at our top five best free apps to help you focus and concentrate, as well as improve your mind and body! Learn more by reading our latest blog.

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Returning to Education

Read the Distance Learning Centre guide to returning to education, including how to finance your studies as well as creating a good work life balance.

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Revision Essentials: Stationary

Read the Distance Learning Centre guide on all the stationary revision essentials you will need when starting a new school or university.

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Spring Clean your Study Space

Distance Learning Centre have listed the best advice for tidying your study space, and for keeping it clean for as long as possible.

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5 Perfect Gifts for a Student

Get to know this years best gifts for students by reading the Distance Learning Centre's gift guide including the Amazon Echo and Apple Watch!

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The Top 5 Places to Study

Where exactly are you going to study? We've done the work for you. Here's a list of the ultimate revision hotspots.

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Enhance your note taking

Learn how to perfect your note taking by reading these tips from the Distance Learning Centre.

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