Could You Pass GCSE Maths?

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GCSE Maths is getting increasingly harder and with coursework being a distant memory, students' grades are all dependent on how they perform in one or two exams at the end of the year.

In an interview with the BBC, Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council said that as well as the decline of coursework "there will also be changes to the syllabuses to make them more demanding" offering a new challenge to the younger generation.

In light of these changes, and with many whose own school years are a distant memory struggling to negotiate today's syllabuses, we thought we'd pose the question; , If you were to take your GCSE Maths exam now would you pass? Put your knowledge to the test by trying to answer these five questions, all taken from 2017/2018 Foundation GCSE, non-calculator mock tests. The answers can be found at the bottom of the page but no cheating, this is an exam after all...

1) Write 2/5 as a decimal.

2) Rakesh and Tina share out £40 in the ratio 5:3, in that order.

    How much do they each get?

3) Work out 9174 / 11.

4) There are 72 cards.

    5/9 are yellow.

    Work out the number of yellow cards.

5) Simplify 4a + 7b + 6a - 3b - 2a

Those were just a selection of the simpler, GCSE Foundation questions, yet many adults struggle to answer them. In fact, a YouGov study found 56% of adult were ashamed to say they were bad at maths. Not only that, but basic maths GCSE is an entry requirement for many higher education access courses, jobs and much more.

Maths doesn't have to be scary and difficult with the right support and learning.

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Answers: 1) 0.4 2) Rakesh: 25 Tina 15 3) 834 4) 40 5) 8a+4b