6 Inspirational Reasons to Study

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If you're at school, faced with a day of trying to focus as your teacher rambles on about quadratic equations, books are going to be the last thing on your mind. And, if you're a mature student juggling your studies with part time work, commitments aren't going to go away. That's the reality, but the benefits of greater satisfaction of a job well done and better pay are worth it all.   

The fact is that further study not only guarantees you a gold star on the academic leader board, but is well worth the effort at all stages of life:


It might not feel like it now, but once you start further education you're about to make some life changing decisions that will undoubtedly shape your future. How is the subject I'm considering viewed by the industry it is connected to? Have I done enough work experience to guarantee me a place? What's the principal reason I'm taking this subject? These are the questions you should consider before starting any approved programme. Still not sure what subject you want to study? Check out our subject study guides to learn more about your options.  


Having a qualification will certainly put you ahead of the competition when it comes to landing your dream job, even if your qualification isn't directly related to that industry. Employers understand that it takes more than just a few all-nighters in the library to graduate. It takes commitment, self-motivation and let's be honest a whole host of tears and traumas. A qualification is a great way to demonstrate that you have these skills – especially when you don’t have a lot of work experience. 


Qualifications also allow you to find work more quickly, get a better paid job, and get promoted faster within a company. What’s more, the higher your qualifications, the more likely you're to impress at interviews. With higher grades and an understanding of your chosen industry, feeling calm and collected when entering an interview is easy. What's more, you'll have plenty of A* assignments to wow your interviewee and make the experience memorable (for all the right reasons). 


Work satisfaction and flexibility are just as desirable as a hefty pay cheque, and you're more likely to tick those boxes if you're considered a skilled worker. Skilled workers reap the benefits of higher wages, professional status and can take advantage of a better quality of life. We encourage learning in a variety of specialist areas in order to keep different industries going. Some industries suffer from a shortage of workers with the right training to fill those roles. Skill shortages can cause problems for the economy. If you can prove you have the right skills then you can take advantage of those gaps in the market.  


As well as the reasons you should study, there are many reasons people want to learn. Understanding the deeper meaning of the world can really change your perspective on certain things.  Learning about your chosen industry and how it fits into society as a whole can open up interesting new doors. The more you know about the world the more you can appreciate some of the finer things in life - and the more flexibility you have to try new things. There might be something happening right now that you feel passionate about. There are many vibrant industries springing up around the world; so if you're interested in a particular subject then take time to learn about it because education has the potential to launch you into your next big project.  


There's no fixed plan and you certainly don't need to know where you'll be ten years from now. Studying opens doors to new areas you may not have considered before - and gives you the flexibility to try new things. Taking on a subject that you have no knowledge about what-so-ever is daunting, but not an impossibility. Curious about a career in journalism? We offer courses designed for people who wish to gain or improve their journalistic writing and market copy for a range of printed media. Take a look at our range of courses for all ages and find a subject that inspires you to learn.