Revision Essentials: Stationary

Revision essentials stationary.jpg

If you’ve just started a new Distance Learning Centre course, you’ll undoubtedly have cleared a study space for yourself at home where you can work in a calm environment. While most of your course materials will be delivered online, it will be in your best interest to make notes to supplement your typed coursework.

Below we’ve listed just a few of the items of stationary you might need when embarking on a brand-new course. Especially if you are returning to study after a long time, this handy little guide will come as a welcome reminder of your revision essentials.


Just because your course is delivered online, it doesn’t mean you have to complete all of your work on a computer. In fact, hand written notes can be a valuable revision technique, since you are absorbing the information and writing it out in your own way, and in your own handwriting.

If you’re thinking making notes might be the way to go, then you will need the following items:

  • Pens – whether it’s ball point or biro, make sure you stock up with whatever you prefer to make some legible notes
  • Pencils – if you prefer a less permanent note form, or you want to make sketches for any reason to jog your memory, then using a pencil is the way to go
  • Highlighters – have you had to purchase any text books for your course? Using highlighters can help you isolate the important stuff, and you can even use highlighters on your own notes too.


Depending on how long your course is, you will need to set goals throughout the time you spend studying. It might be your course includes coursework and an examination as part of the assessment, and you need to make sure you can memorise these important dates.

In addition, it helps to remind yourself of your own personal progression by using stationary items that will keep you on track. They will include:

  • To Do List – having a list of each task will help complete a piece of coursework, or help you tick off study areas prior to an exam
  • Calendar – use your calendar to mark off important dates such as coursework deadlines and examinations
  • A4 Notepad – the basis of all hand-written notes, make sure you have an A4 pad to keep your notes in one handy place
  • Printing Paper – written up your notes on the computer? Print them out using printer paper and use highlighters to pick out the most important bits


The last thing you need when coming back after working all day is a messy study space. When buying stationary then, make sure you also keep it as organised as possible, so it doesn’t fall into disarray.

Also, it’s best practice to tidy everything away once you’ve finished studying for the night, so you can start a new study session without having to clean up. Organisational items include:

  • Desk Tidy – if you have an abundance of stationary, you might want a small desk tidy that you can organise pens and other items into, rather than leaving them loose on your desk
  • Document Tray – this item might be useful to tidy away your notes if they have been left loose, or any printouts you might have used. Multiple trays can be even more effective if you have multiple tasks on the go
  • Box File – finished a piece of coursework or exam? File all your notes and keep your study space free of old revision. This will help you focus on new tasks as they occur

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