How to Become a Teaching Assistant

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So you want to be a teaching assistant. Perhaps, for you, it’s the first step on a road to an exciting career in children’s education. Or maybe you’re looking for a rewarding role that’s also flexible enough to fit around your responsibilities as a parent. Either way, you have a passion for helping children achieve their full potential.

So how do you become a teaching assistant? Here, we outline the every step of the exciting journey that lies ahead of you.


First of all, teaching assistants should possess a number of personal qualities. They need strong communication skills, so that they can work effectively with children, teachers and parents alike. They should be organised, and a good team worker. And, as with anyone who works with children, they will need a lot of patience and understanding!

While there are no national minimum requirements for becoming a teaching assistant, you are a lot more likely to find employment if you have some experience working with children. If you don’t already, you might want to consider volunteering in a school or with a youth group as a way of gaining relevant experience.


Although there are no nationally recognised requirements, some local authorities and schools require their teaching assistants to hold certain certifications. Even for those that don’t, a certification will always be looked upon favourably, as they demonstrate your interest in, and knowledge of, the sector. 

For this reason, complete beginners looking to become teaching assistants may well benefit from gaining a relevant certification. At Distance Learning Centre, we offer a range of courses suitable for complete beginners, including:

Learners can register for both of the above courses by signing up for the Support Work in Schools and Teaching Assistant Course Bundle, which results in an overall saving of £50.


There are plenty of opportunities for teaching assistants to progress their careers through further education and training. Some teaching assistants go on to train as teachers, while others are promoted to the level of ‘higher level teaching assistant’, or HLTA – a role that involves greater responsibilities and specialist expertise.

Again, at Distance Learning Centre we offer a range of courses ideal for teaching assistants looking to take their careers to the next level. Example courses include:

As you can see, a career in education is within your grasp. And, with the flexibility and accessibility of distance learning courses, it’s never been easier to gain and develop the skills and knowledge you’ll need to flourish in your career as a teaching assistant. Browse our full list of teaching assistant and education courses today to find out more about how we can help you achieve your career goals.