Health and Fitness Courses for the New Year

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January is traditionally the time of year when, after making a number of new year's resolutions, people become a lot more interested in health and fitness. It can be tough to keep up a new health and fitness regime, but it can be a positive start to the year and hopefully lead to a change for the better.

Here at Distance Learning Centre we understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, and have a variety of courses for candidates thinking of improving their health, or even specialising in health and fitness as a career. Have a read below at some of the most popular health and fitness courses we have available.


Approximate Self Study Time: 80 hours

Price: £250.00

To gain a fantastic overall look at the ways in which you can promote a healthy lifestyle for sustainable living, the level 2 Nutrition & Lifestyle Course is a great starting point. Units of study include Food Nutrition & Diet, Purchasing, Storing and Cooking Food for Health, Exercise and Health, Health and Lifestyle Choices and Healthy Environments.

Whether the candidate is looking to improve their own health and fitness, or starting to think about starting a career in this industry, this course will provide a grounded understanding of food nutrition and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Find out more about the Nutrition & Lifestyle - Level 2 Course.


Approximate Self Study Time: 120 hours

Price: £312.00

This level 3 course will allow candidates to understand the basics in staying healthy, with an emphasis on a balanced diet and effective regular fitness. Units of study include Defining the Concepts Health, Exercise and Fitness, Understanding the Components of Fitness, Ways to Improve Fitness and Planning Training and Fitness Programmes. 

With 15 units to study, the enrolled candidate will finish the course with a great overall knowledge, and should be able to apply it to real world situations, in improving their own lifestyle and the lifestyle of others.

Find out more about the Health, Exercise and Fitness - Level 3 Course.


Approximate Self Study Time: 100 hours

Price: £312.00

For those candidates wanting to study the human body in depth, and understand the chemical balance that needs to be achieved in order for our bodies to function properly, this course is ideal. Those looking to specialise in Health and Fitness must also understand how the body works in all its complexities, so that they can assist others when they have issues that need to be resolved.

Units on this course include Chemistry of Life, The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems, The Skeletal and Muscular Systems and the Nervous System. Upon completion, the candidate will receive a level 3 certificate of achievement.

Find out more about the Advanced Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3 Course.

For more information about the courses mentioned above, or for any general queries regarding Distance Learning Centre courses, get in touch with us today.