October 2020 Feedback Prize Draw Winner!!

Clare Felgate_Kindle Fire.png

Conratulations to Claire Felgate who was the winner of our October Feedback Prize Draw:

Claire completed the Introduction to Social Care - Level 2 Course gave the following feedback:

"The course was very enjoyable and learnt so much about social care. This has really helped me understand more about health and social care. The assignments, although needing a lot of research, was very interesting and wished I had completed the course much earlier.

My study tutor was always very helpful and the turnaround from submitting my assignments to receiving his feedback was so quick. I really appreciated this as it meant I could then start the next one within a week of finishing the last. I gave myself two months per assignment so did not have to rush and also had two months at the end of the year just in case I needed to resubmit an assignment but this was not needed."

Congratulations Claire, I hope you enjoy the Kindle Fire HD!