Studying Programming Languages: Ruby for Beginners

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With an ever-growing reliance on digital technologies in a huge range of industries, there are many jobs that rely on computer expertise. From IT technicians, who may help with the installation and support of hardware, to software developers, who creates computer programs from scratch, a knowledge of computers has become invaluable and is also a transferable skill that will open up a lot of doors in your career.

Software developers require a lot of training to become fluent in the wide range of programming language and, at Distance Learning Centre, we offer potential students the opportunity to learn these programming languages, a knowledge of which will ultimately further their career.

Below we have detailed one of our newest courses - Ruby for Beginners. Read on to find out how you could potentially increase your understanding of this popular programming language and how this can improve your chances of landing that dream job.


Focussing on simplicity and productivity, the Ruby programming language was developed in the 1990s by Yukihiro "Matz” Matsumoto in Japan.

It is an object-orientated language that is most suitable for web and gaming applications and is being increasingly used in software development by major companies. Ruby is now considered an important language to learn as part of any software developer’s portfolio of languages.



Broken down into 10 easy-to-follow units, the Ruby for Beginners course is a fun introduction to the programming language, encouraging potential programmers to create both simple and sophisticated games that incorporate the different aspects of the language. The units include Looping & Branching, Arrays & Hashes, Working with Methods, Ruby Files & Folders, and Object-Orientated Programming.

Distance Learning Centre present this course through its popular online training portal that can be accessed for 12 months, along with a personal tutor who supports all learning whilst studying is in progress. All that is required from the student is access to a personal computer with Windows installed.

Along with a new-found knowledge of the Ruby programming language, on successful completion of the course, the student is eligible to receive a Level 3 Open Awards certificate.

Read more about the Ruby for Beginners course here.

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