Resitting A-Levels and GCSEs

Resitting A Level and GCSE

Have you ever thought about going back and resitting A-level’s or GCSE’s? It might be that you need a higher grade in a certain subject to progress in your job, or it might be that your thinking of switching careers to something different. Whatever the reason, retaking an A-Level or GCSE can be highly rewarding, and lead to more exciting opportunities in the future.

Distance Learning Centre offer a huge range of different GCSE Courses, IGCSE Courses and A-Level Courses to suit your needs, that can be studied in your own time, at your own pace. Below we have highlighted some of the main points to consider when thinking about resitting, including eligibility, the structure of the course and when and where you can take exams.


There are many reasons to resit a GCSE or A-Level course, but the most important is to give you a broader choice of jobs, and even open up new career paths.

Many jobs will now ask that candidates must possess certain grades before they can even apply, the most important being Maths and English, which in many circumstances must be at least a C or even a B. By possessing these GCSE or A-Level qualifications, you will have much better options when it comes to applying for new jobs.

Having these desirable grades under your belt also comes with certain other advantages. Alongside adding value to your CV, it also vastly improves your earning potential, given the amount of new jobs that will open up to you when possessing these qualifications.


Potential candidates should ensure that they are eligible to take their desired course, prior to application. Below we have listed the eligibility requirements:

GCSE’s - anyone over the age of 16 can take a GCSE course, but the candidate must have a basic proficiency in the subject they are taking

A-Level’s - alongside being over the age of 16, most courses require the candidate to have a minimum of 4 GCSE’s at grade C or above to apply. Equivalent qualifications may also be accepted, so it’s worth checking the individual course pages here


GCSE’s and A-Level’s can be taken at any time, but there is a specific window where a candidate must take their examinations. Dates are subject to change every year, but the months remain the same:

GCSE’s - May or June every year

A-Level’s - May or June every year

In addition, students are also required to apply for entry to an exam, and there is a deadline to adhere to:

GCSE’s - November of the previous year

A-Level’s - October of the previous year

It is always worth checking with your tutor or making an enquiry to find out the best time to start your studies, but you can start courses at any time, and study at your own pace.