How to start a Career in Social Media

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Between Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, social media has taken over the way that people socialise, go shopping, consume news and find out about the world around them. But it has also revolutionised the way that businesses can speak to their customers, showcasing products or services, and encouraging a positive association with an inspiring brand.

This has meant that businesses who wish to advertise themselves using social media now require a dedicated social media specialist to orchestrate all of their online activity. Distance Learning Centre has a range of courses that give students the opportunity to learn these advanced social media skills, which are transferable across a range of industries and relevant to any business who is thinking of advertising online.

Below we have listed our top 3 courses for you to have a look at, so you can start a career in social media too.


Approximate Self-Study Time: 20 hours

Price: £99

This course acts as a fantastic introduction for how a business might use social media to interact with their customers, and teaches the necessary skills to create a successful social media strategy. Alongside teaching the basics of how social media fits into a full marketing strategy, the course gives insights into audience targeting, content creation and deciding which channels would be the best fit for a certain business.

The eight learning objectives will provide a great overview for beginners who want to understand how social media can enhance a current traditional marketing strategy. Great for those looking to take up social media specialist as a full-time position in the future, but also for businesses thinking about advertising online for the first time.

For more information, head to the Social Media Strategy for Business Online Course page.


Approximate Self-Study Time: 80 hours

Price: £379

This in-depth course will help students understand how to align their own social media knowledge with the requirements of a business who need to improve their current marketing strategy. The justification of social media marketing helps with understanding the basics of a professional role within a company, or within an advertising agency who specialise in creating social media strategies for other businesses.

Over six units, students will understand how to create a social media strategy to fit with a business plan, implement social media tools to help with posting, monitoring social media posts to measure effectiveness, and reviewing overall performance. This 80-hour course, assessed through a series of written assignments, should cover everything a student looking to specialise in social media will need.

For more information, head to the Social Media Marketing - Level 3 Course page.


Approximate Self-Study Time: 120 hours

Price: £295

This CIW course specialising in social media strategy will provide all the fundamental knowledge a student needs, along with teaching advanced skills in how to effectively implement and track a successful campaign. It is included in a series of six other specialist CIW courses that give the student an overview of web and mobile design, including HTML5 & CSS3, user interface design, multimedia and e-commerce.

Intermediate learners will have access to CIW’s extensive library of course materials, student files, movie clips and practice exams for a whole year. This will give them a deep understanding of social media and the ability to do research when it suits them. This is an advanced course and as such the candidate will require knowledge of how internet technologies are used in business. The course will culminate in a 90-minute exam testing everything the student has learned over the allotted year.

For more information, head to the CIW Social Media Strategy Specialist Course page.

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