How to Become a Property Developer

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At the time of writing this article, the government are rolling out a new scheme to encourage people to save for their first home, in the form of a Help to Buy ISA. The advent of this new scheme has meant that the one word on everyone’s lips is; property. If the government really want to turn ‘generation rent’ into ‘generation buy’, then it is also a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work in the property industry.

Becoming a property developer is a much more attractive prospect now that there is more positive activity in the market, although it has always had a certain appeal among those who are passionate about the industry. If you are interested in becoming a property developer, or you simply want to improve your knowledge of the industry, have a read below at the best things you can do to develop yourself first.


If you are taking your first steps into developing property, it’s always beneficial to set out a plan before you do anything else. Not only will this allow you to define realistic goals, but it will also help you understand what you’re really getting yourself into. Property development is not always straightforward, so creating a set plan for you to stick to makes perfect sense.


It’s no good investing money in property if you aren’t in a stable position yourself. If you have debts or any other existing issues with money, try to ensure your own financial stability before committing to a burden such as property development. One thing is for certain; you can never consider property development to be a quick fix. 


If you are looking at a potential first purchase, make sure you do you research first. It is generally understood that the property developer makes money on buying than selling, so the more research you can do on a residence, the better. It will not only ensure a smooth transition from buying through to completion, but it will also give you more reassurance over any venture. It’s better to be sure before rushing into something you will regret down the line.


A good property developer relies on his or her good instinct to find the best deal on a great property, and also make decisions that lead to a profitable sale. Whether it is seeking out a good location, discovering a person who is keen to sell, or even finding a great deal at an auction, a property developer must use their instinct to make this happen. It will only develop with experience, but finding these opportunities will eventually become second nature.


The cornerstone of any personal development is the ability to hone your skills through studying. It could be starting from scratch as a beginner, or you might want to read up on some relevant case studies to expand your knowledge base. Whatever your level, taking a property development course will allow you to ground yourself in good practice and give you relevant accreditation at the same time.

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