The Benefits of a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Qualification


In today’s competitive job market, Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS) is more important than ever, providing globally-recognised, industry-endorsed, evidence of skills mastery in the range of Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Microsoft, new starters with MOS qualifications reach full productivity sooner and have more opportunities for advancement than those without the qualification. On average, certified employees earn 15% more than those without certification and are nearly 20% more productive.

Once you are certified, you can share your achievements in a way that’s trusted and verifiable with your digital Microsoft badge. The Microsoft digital badge translates your credential into a digital image associated with metadata uniquely connected to you. This standard allows you to easily share your digital badge online in a way that can be verified by employers and others who are interested in your skills.

Microsoft Office 2019/365 Certification Paths at a Glance:

The Microsoft Office Specialist 2019/365 certification provides the following examinations:

  • MOS Word 2019/365 Associate: MO-100 Exam
  • MOS Word 2019/365 Expert: MO-101 Exam
  • MOS Excel 2019/365 Associate: MO-200 Exam
  • MOS Excel 2019/365 Expert: MO-201 Exam
  • MOS PowerPoint 2019/365 Associate: MO-300 Exam
  • MOS Outlook 2019/365 Associate: MO-400 Exam
  • MOS Access 2019/365 Associate: MO-500 Exam

The above exams give the following Certification pathways:

MOS Single Product Certification: If you pass any singular Associate exam you will have demonstrated proficiency in that single Office application.

MOS Associate Certification: If you pass any three Associate exams, you will be awarded the Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate certification.

MOS Expert Certification: If you earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Associate certification and pass two additional Expert exams, you will be awarded the Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert certification, the highest certification in the Microsoft Office Specialist program.

How to Get Microsoft Office Specialist Certification:

If you’re wondering how to get Microsoft Office Specialist certification and who to choose as your training provider, Distance Learning Centre now has 2019/365 versions for all MOS training courses in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. Take a look at the range of MOS courses and book your place today. All courses come with GMetrix test prep software and with the option to purchase a MOS Exam Voucher for £90.00.

For more information regarding the course’s specifications, we would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail. Give us a call on 0845 129 7238 / 0191 503 1800, or send an email with your enquiry to