Food & Nutrition Courses

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Since we are officially in the new year, it’s time to learn something new and what better to start with than your diet! Food and nutrition courses online are extremely popular; they help you to gain an understanding of what really goes into our food and are a great way to kick off an exciting career.

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of food and nutrition more broadly or explore a niche area such as food hygiene, the Distance Learning Centre is here to help. Choose from our range of courses below, completing them at your own pace with the assistance of an online tutor, and enjoy learning again.


Approximate time: 80 hours (Self-Study)

Price: £250.00

If you're interested in how you can adopt a healthier lifestyle and live more sustainably, this Nutrition & Lifestyle - Level 2 Course is perfect for you. Focusing on topics such as healthy environments, food purchasing and preparation and much more, this course will enable you to understand all about diet, nutrition and exercise in one, interesting online course. On completion of the course you will be awarded a Nutrition & Lifestyle Certificate of Achievement and be ready to share your new knowledge with the world.


Approximate time: 100 hours (Self-Study)


The Nutrition & Health - Level 2 Award (RQF) Course will teach you the importance of healthy eating whilst also considering the nutritional needs of different individuals and advising you on how to plan a healthy diet. The three units in this course will explore theses principle in further depth, giving you well-rounded knowledge of nutrition and health patterns amongst different people. There is no need for prior knowledge in this course, meaning it is accessible for everyone and will award you with a Level 2 Award in Nutrition & Health on completion.


Approximate time: 100 hours (Self-Study)

Price: £225.00

If you work, or would like to work, in food preparation then our Food Hygiene - Level 2 Course is suited to your needs. Aimed at staff, supervisors or managers, this course offers the best professional approach to food hygiene and preparation. Avoid food errors, food poisoning and simple health and safety hazards with this course which includes units on bacteria, cleaning and pest control. After all your hard work you will be awarded with a Food Hygiene Certificate of Achievement and be ready to take on the food industry’s hygiene challenges.


Approximate time: 200 hours (Self-Study)

Price: £312.00

The Diet Nutrition & Exercise for Children - Level 3 Course is designed to equip you with the theoretical knowledge, information and resources you’d need to educate parents and children on healthier lifestyles. Diet is an important factor in a child’s development and without proper nutrition and good exercise, children can become at risk of obesity, insufficient energy and concentration levels, and disease. Covering all aspects of child nutrition and weight (including questions about food choices, labelling and exercise) the completion of the course will award you with a Diet Nutrition & Exercise for Children Certificate of Achievement. This certificate will mean you’re ready to help children, and their parents, live a healthier lifestyle.

For more information about the food and nutrition online courses, or for any general queries regarding the Distance Learning Centre, get in touch with us today.