How to Become a Professional Writer

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For those who enjoyed English whilst at school and would like to learn how to become a professional writer, there are plenty of options available. Whether it is Journalism, Teaching, Proofreading or even Digital Marketing, there are many industries that value the ability to write clear, descriptive sentences and will pay you for the benefit of having your skill set within their company.

If you are looking to start a career in writing, or are thinking of making the transition from an existing career to one that values writing above all else, then a great place to start is a course at Distance Learning Centre. We have a variety of courses that will either encourage your writing hobby and advance your skills, or allow you to apply your skills to a specialist area, so you can start making money from writing. 


Approximate Self Study Time: 80 hours

Price: £250.00

This course will allow those who have a good understanding of the English language and have a passion for writing, to put it into practice in an active environment. Journalism is often a fast-paced and exciting career path, but does take a lot of hard work to get right.

To gain a grounded understanding of how to produce articles within a tight schedule, along with an understanding of the day-to-day operation of working for an editor, our Freelance Journalism course is a great start. Modules include Writing Style, Techniques and Market Analysis, that will contribute to the construction and completion of journalistic articles.

Upon completion of the Level 3 Freelance Journalism course, participants will receive an ABC Awards certificate of achievement. For more information, have a look at the Freelance Journalism - Level 3 Course page.


Approximate Self Study Time: 240 hours

Price: £450.00

Another key skill in addition to writing is the ability to proofread work and make specific changes, in order to improve the tone, structure and quality of the work. Proofreading can be taken on as freelance work or even as a full-time vocation, and can be a very useful source of income for those wanting to put their writing skills to good use.

Modules include Grammar Reviews, Punctuation and Common problems with phrases and clauses, which should tighten up a participant’s handle on the English language and give them a keen eye to spot mistakes.

Once a participant has finished the Level 4 Proofreading course, they will receive a certificate of achievement from NCFE. For more information, head over to the Proofreading - Level 4 Course page.


Approximate Self Study Time: 200 hours

Price: £342.00

A lot of career paths that include an emphasis on writing will also require an element of creativity, that will lend itself to snappy headlines, unique ideas and intriguing articles. Our Creative Writing course allows participants to explore different genres in writing and to get a better grasp of the English language in general.

Modules for this course include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, play writing and autobiographies. This will allow participants to vary their approach to writing and change up their tone and style for different projects.

On completion of this Level 3 Creative Writing Course, the participant will receive a certificate of achievement from ABC awards. For more information, head over to our Creative Writing - Level 3 Course page.

If you have any questions about our Writing courses above, or would like to learn more about us, get in touch with the Distance Learning Centre today for more information.