IT Skills: A Refresher

IT skills a refresher.jpg

In this digital-focused world we live in, technology changes fast and is constantly being updated. Frequently, no sooner are new introductions integrated and the changes adjusted to, something new is available to supersede it.

n such a fast-moving world, you need to react and adapt to new programmes, devices, software and technologies quickly. Taking steps to refresh your IT skills or learn new ones will set you apart from the crowd and offer you a myriad of advantages.

The new IT courses available here at the Distance Learning Centre cater to all different needs and audiences. Whether you’re a graduate attempting to secure your dream role, an experienced senior manager wanting to refresh your knowledge, or a student wishing to expand their horizons; you will find a course that fits your needs.

The IT Essentials - Level 2 (RQF) course is perfect for those needing a good all-round IT knowledge course, covering the ins and outs of using a computer and associated software. You will learn all about how to use the internet, email, search engines and how to keep your system secure. It will also cover the use of the important Microsoft packages like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. 

We also offer an officially endorsed online ECDL course, which gets you ready to sit  and gain the internationally recognised European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). This course includes 8 modules and gives students a comprehensive understanding of how to use a computer and all commonly used programmes efficiently. This course will improve confidence and is also recognised by employers so will be a major boost to the CV!

Moving up the scale of expertise, there are great courses for those who are turning towards a career in IT and need to be up-to-speed with the latest developments in the field.

Our PC Technology (Level 3) course is perfect for those who are keen to become a PC technician (a role that just about every company needs!). We also offer the CompTIA A+ Certification Course which covers the latest CompTIA 220-901 and 220-902 Examination syllabus, and so will set you up for starting a career in PC support and maintenance. We even offer both of these courses as one bundle - which will doubly ensure you are equipped to start a successful career in IT.

We have an array of other IT courses besides these, designed for relative beginners, so you are bound to find the right training course to suit what you are looking for.  You don’t have to pay the full price for any of the courses in one go; we offer staggered payment plans for all of them so that they are affordable. Everyone should have access to learning! 

Enriching one’s education at any stage in life is a bright and noble thing. It expands your horizons, improves your CV and employability and will do wonders for boosting confidence and self-esteem. IT is a universally required skill, and a great place to start with this learning. 

For more information about our Microsoft courses, or for any general queries regarding the Distance Learning Centre, get in touch with us today.