How to start a career in Credit control and Debt Management

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If you’ve ever thought about making a career out of credit control or debt management, we have plenty of courses that will satisfy your aspirations. The ability to manage debt starts with residential or personal debt, but is more sought after in commercial entities, where a business may seek to claim back debts owed by customers.

Our selection of courses will teach a student the fundamentals of this industry and how to establish a solid career around credit control and debt management. Alongside the Credit Control and Debt Management Level 3 course, we also have a Bookkeeping Course and Business Finance course for those who wish to study certain aspects of commercial finance in more depth.


In many businesses, the need for a credit controller and debt manager is integral to how the business operates, especially if it works on the basis that customers borrow money to pay for products or services in the form of a finance deal.

This course introduces students to the various methods of controlling credit and how to perform a credit check on new customers who are looking to open a new finance deal with a business. It also outlines the terms and conditions that are so important prior to sale as well as how interest is calculated over the period that finance has been agreed to.

If a customer is unable to pay a pre-arranged finance agreement, then debt recovery methods need to be employed in order to collect outstanding payments. The student will learn about the process of going through the courts or how to formally contact the customer via a letter or by telephone.

After successfully completing coursework from the 14 modules, the student will receive a Level 3 award and a Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards.

For more information, check out the Credit Control and Debt Management - Level 3 Course.


For those who have studied credit control and debt management, but would like to understand more about how a business handles its finances, our Business Finance course will give students an overall understanding into the different financial considerations for a small business. 

Within the four units, students will learn bookkeeping methods, credit control, costing & pricing and management accounting. This course will inevitably assist small business owners in understanding their finances, but can greatly assist those still wanting a career in debt management. At the end of the 12 month course the student will receive a Level 2 qualification from ABC Awards.

For more information, check out the Business Finance - Level 2 Course.


This course will allow students to solely focus on bookkeeping for a small business, again allowing them to have an overview of this element of business finance. Going into more depth regarding keeping financial records, this course can form the basis of a credit control and debt management career, or simply assist a small business owner in keeping records.

Over 9 unites the student will cover subjects including keeping a ledger & cash book, VAT records, reconciling accounts and end of period adjustments. After completing all necessary coursework, the student will receive a Level 2 qualification from ABC Awards.

For more information, check out the Bookkeeping - Level 2 Course.

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