Bloggers Guide to Improving your Content

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Blogging is a popular and exciting hobby which allows you to express yourself through writing and photography. Many of us know how you start a blog but how do you make it successful? Hundreds of online bloggers are now making a career from their content. So, whether you’re an experienced blogger or a newbie, we’ve collected some tips on how you can create blog content that everyone will love.


No one likes reading poorly written content. Spelling mistakes, bad grammar and incorrect information will make your blog less attractive and may deter people from interacting with your content. It will also decrease its readability which can influence your blog's ranking on Google.

Proofreading is a bloggers best friend and it is a skill you can develop over time and with practice. You can take online proofreading courses to help improve your skills, they cover everything from the rules on capitalisation, right through to dependent versus independent clauses.


Optimising your content is all about providing the answers to key questions and topics that people are searching for online, within your copy. By weaving these topics and keywords into your blog you will help its online visibility, meaning more people can find your content.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a vast but important topic. It is often overlooked in the blogging world but if you can get the hang of it, it will drastically improve your blog. There are plenty of SEO courses, including our Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation course, which will support you on your journey to optimising your blog.


In the 21st century, photography and video are the most effective ways of catching your audience's eye. Poor quality images will affect your blog viewings since many people prioritise this when they’re choosing their favourite accounts. You don't need a DSLR to take great pictures either, just a good eye for detail and lighting.

If you'd like to take your photography skills to the next level, we’d recommend taking an online course such as our Digital Photography - Level 3 Course. Not only does it cover the basics of lighting, composition and exposure, but it will also teach you skills in image editing so that you can make your blog pop with beautiful images.


Bloggers often use social media to push out their content and increase blog views, but social media can be used for than just exposure. By creating attractive social media profiles, using the photography skills you have learnt above, you are creating a brand for yourself. Your blog and profiles can help sell you as a brand, making you an influencer.

Being an influencer will mean other brands will want to work with you, meaning you can make money from your channels. There are many ways you can help turn your blog and social media into a business and you can learn them all in our Social Media Strategy for Business Course. You can complete it alongside your blogging career and at your own pace, making it perfect for people of all abilities and levels.

We hope these tips will help you achieve blogging success! For more information, and to view all our online course, head to Distance Learning Centre Courses. Affordable and educational, they're the perfect way to expand your knowledge.