Result Day Blues?

Result day blues.jpg

Results day is a nerve-wracking time and it doesn’t always go to plan, but don’t worry! If your results aren’t quite what you wanted, there are plenty of options still available for you. Read on for our top three tips on how to beat results day blues.


Many students struggle with their studies because of the pressure formal exams bring. Sitting several exams in one week, often in hot crowded conditions, can cause some of us to panic and have a memory blank. If you can relate to this feeling, then we would recommend trying a course or studying a subject that doesn’t require any formal exams.

This WordPress for Websites course is a short, unaccredited online course that is still respected and sought-after by employers. We have hundreds of courses like this on our site, all of which reward you with their own qualifications despite having no exams.


One of our top pieces of advice would be to retake your failed exams or subjects on a part-time basis. Studying part-time alleviates some of the stress you may have been feeling during your studies, allowing you to work at your own pace, in your own conditions.

You will still have to go into college to retake the final exams, but studying for one or two subjects part-time gives you more room to breathe. There are no classmates to keep up with or feel in competition with; it’s just you and all the time needed to really understand your subject.

It can also be much more affordable than retaking a year at A Level or university. You can also work alongside your course, easing the pressure of studying 12 hours a day.


You may not have received the results you wanted simply because you were studying a subject you weren’t passionate about. Focusing your effort on a passion or a career path you really enjoy will give you the determination to study harder without it feeling like a chore.

Instead of traditional academic subjects, why not try a more practical course such as dog grooming or equine studies? Although writing and reading will still be required, you can study at your own pace on a range of real-world topics.

So, no matter what the piece of paper says on results day remember that there are always plenty of options available, you just have to find one perfect for you! Check out our GCSE and A Level online courses if you think you want to retake a year or have a browse of our non-examination courses if you’d like to try something a little different.