The Benefits of Sending Your Employee on A Course

The benefits of sending your employee on a course.jpg

Many businesses have reservations when it comes to sending their employees on courses due to three main concerns; benefit, time and cost. We've quelled these three concerns to give you a better picture of just how beneficial sending your employees on an online course really is.


Enhancing your employees' skills and knowledge has endless benefits. Not only will they appreciate the ability to grow and learn, but they will have a new knowledge and passion for the subject which they can share with their colleagues. It will also keep your business up to date, making everyone aware of the latest news, strategies and creative ideas in your industry, ensuring you stay current and relevant to your audience.

And it's not just valuable for the individual. It will also make your company a desirable place to work, attracting the best new talent there is as well as retaining long serving staff by giving them an opportunity to take on more responsibility.


Staff retention is a priority for many businesses, since hiring and training new members of staff can be costly. Hiring specialists or expert freelancers is expensive and they are often in high demand, meaning they may be working with several other businesses at the same time.

If your business is lacking knowledge in a specific area, it is often much more cost effective to train a current member of staff who already has a basic understanding of your brand and sector. These new skills will allow your business to offer more services to clients, for example by sending a beautician on a Nail Technician Course your business is instantly more profitable, being the go-to place where a customer can have all their needs met.

Online courses are affordable and simple, allowing you to buy a package which includes all the necessary materials and resources the employee will need. You can also pay for the courses in instalments or one sum, and since each course can be studied from home or work, there are no hidden travel and food expenses.


Time is money in business and allowing your employees to take long periods of time off work to study often isn't viable. Even businesses that see the added value baulk at the traditional college route; sending an employee on a college course can cost upwards of £12,000 and requires full-time commitment over one, two or even three years.

However, Distance Learning Centre's online courses are not only significantly cheaper but also shorter. The courses range from 120 hours of self-study to 900 for the more intensive, high level courses. Each course allows students to complete them at their own pace and part-time, meaning your employees could easily study alongside their usual working hours. For the smaller courses, employees could be finished within a month, ready to come back to work armed with new-found knowledge and passion.

Enhance your employees' skill set by allowing them to learn from one of our hundreds of courses. For more information, view our online courses.