How to Become a Garden Designer

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If you're a plant-lover with a creative streak, garden design might be the career for you. You may not have previously realised that there's a job out there that lets you use an interest in plants while exercising your creativity and even a bit of technical expertise. Maybe you've been thinking about getting into garden design for a while but have no idea where to begin. Perhaps you're not looking for a new career at all, but you're interested in taking up garden design as a hobby, or gaining the skills to transform your own garden.
In this guide, we'll run through what you need to know about how to become a garden designer, whatever your motivation and eventual goals might be.

What exactly is garden design?

Being a garden designer means being able to draw up a full, detailed plan for an outdoor space. There are variations in what designing a garden might entail from one job to the next but, generally, you can expect a design to at least include which types of plants go where, alongside plans for fixtures or structures, ponds or other water features, and lighting. A garden designer is also responsible for taking things like health and safety into account and making sure legal requirements are met. Generally speaking, a designer will discuss a client's needs and wishes and turn ideas into a solid design that can be made real.

Is it too late for me to become a garden designer?

Not at all! In fact, quite a number of people who work as garden designers had a career change later in life. They had all sorts of jobs and backgrounds beforehand but are usually people who already had a long-standing interest in plants and had wondered in the past whether they could find a job that would satisfy that interest. If you think you'd enjoy garden design, there's absolutely no reason not to dive in and give it a try.

Do I need a qualification?

Not necessarily, but a course is a must in order to learn all you need to know. Our Garden Design Course covers all aspects of garden design, including plants, soil, Computer Aided Design (CAD), structures and water. There is even a unit on marketing your design business, which will really give you an edge in terms of getting your first paying clients. You'll get a certificate on completion, which will help your professional image and prove that you've trained in your field.

Do I need any particular skills?

Our course covers everything you need to know to become an expert garden designer, so as long as you have a passion for the subject and a desire to succeed, you're off to a great start! Whether you want a career change or an exciting new hobby, contact us today to find out more or visit the course page.

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