Please Note: CompTIA have announced in December that the 801 and 802 exams will be retired at the end of June 2016. A new version 9 syllabus course will be available soon.

The A+ Certification Course covers the Latest CompTIA Examination syllabus. CompTIA A+ Certification and is an ideal starting point for a career in IT as it covers the maintenance of PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems and printers.

A+ Certification is the industry standard for computer support technicians and proves competence in areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting.

This course can help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform tasks on personal computers hardware and operating systems such as installation, PC building, system upgrades, repair, system configuration, troubleshooting, problem diagnosis, and preventative maintenance.

In order to receive CompTIA A+ Certification a student must pass two exams:

The CompTIA A+ 220-801 syllabus covers the fundamentals of computer technology, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware, and basic networking.

The CompTIA A+ 220-802 syllabus covers the skills required to install and configure PC operating systems, as well as configuring common features (e.g. network connectivity and email) for mobile operating systems Android and Apple iOS.

Job roles that use A+ Certification:

  • Technical support specialist

  • Field service technician

  • IT support technician

  • IT support administrator

  • IT support specialist

CompTIA Endorsed MaterialsThe course books that we use are officially approved CompTIA Course materials. The courseware bears the seal of CompTIA Approved Quality Content. This seal signifies that the content covers 100% of the exam objectives and implements important instructional design principles.

Please Note: The A+ Certification Course is designed as a theory-based course but does contain all relevant information on how to complete practical exercises. Please contact us if you require a full list of required equipment to complete the practical elements.

The A+ Certification course consists of the following:

A+ Certification 220-801 Course Book

Students will obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to install, build, maintain, and configure personal computers, laptop computers, and printers. They will also learn the principles of physical and TCP/IP networks. Finally, they will learn operational and professional procedures as an IT technician.

This course book covers the following units:

  • Unit 1: Motherboards and expansion cards
  • Unit 2: CPUs and power supplies
  • Unit 3: Memory and physical storage
  • Unit 4: Connections
  • Unit 5: Peripheral devices
  • Unit 6: Printers
  • Unit 7: Notebooks
  • Unit 8: Networking basics
  • Unit 9: The physical network
  • Unit 10: Networking protocols
  • Unit 11: Wireless networking
  • Unit 12: Professional conduct

A+ Certification 220-802 Course Book

Students will learn how to support personal computers, mobile devices, and small networks in a business setting, including hardware and software troubleshooting, Windows installation and configuration, networking, and security.

This course book covers the following units:

  • Unit 1: Troubleshooting basics
  • Unit 2: Client operating systems
  • Unit 3: Configuring the operating system
  • Unit 4: Configuring hardware settings
  • Unit 5: Networking PCs
  • Unit 6: Authentication and user security
  • Unit 7: Securing systems and data
  • Unit 8: Preventative maintenance
  • Unit 9: Securing networks
  • Unit 10: Troubleshooting system hardware
  • Unit 11: Display and printer troubleshooting
  • Unit 12: Network troubleshooting
  • Unit 13: Operating system troubleshooting
  • Unit 14: Mobile devices
  • Unit 15: Operating system installation and upgrades

Exam Preparation Software:

There are questions at the end of each unit within the course book for which the answers are included within the student files folder.

There is also access to the "uCertify Lite" Test Prep software detailing 60 practice questions for each of the CompTIA A+ Examinations.

Canvas Carry Case, Pocket PC Toolkit & Digital Multi-meter:

Students receive a Free canvas carrying case, a Pocket PC Tool Kit, an anti-static wristband and a Digital Multi-meter.


Before taking this course, you should have user-level skills and knowledge of personal computers and a good working knowledge of the Windows Operating System. CompTIA recommends that students have 9 to 12 months of experience in the IT support industry although this is not essential.

Students will need Internet access for support and for associated course files.

Course Duration & Support:

Students may register at any time. The courses are designed as self-study courses but if you have any problems you can email our support team. As the course is self study you can complete in as little or as long a time as you prefer, and we do not impose a cut-off date for study.


Assessment is from the A+ Certification 220-801 & 220-802 Examinations. Each Examination is 90 minutes in length and has a minimum of 90 questions. The format of the questions is multiple choice/multiple answer and performance based. Information on performance based questions can be found on the CompTIA Website. The passing score for the CompTIA A+ 220-801 exam is 675 (on a scale of 900) and the passing score for the CompTIA A+ 220-802 exam is 700 (on a scale of 900).


CompTIA A CertificationOn completion of the A+ course, you can apply for the Internationally Recognised CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Examinations.

Examinations must be sat at a registered Pearson VUE testing centre and are currently £117.00 + VAT each.

You can find or register for your nearest exam centres by selecting the Test Takers option from the Pearson Vue Website.

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