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Ever regretted not going back and finishing a course at school or college? Perhaps you completed a course but didn’t get the mark you wanted? The good news is that you’re never too old to revisit a course and get the result that you deserve.

Why study?

The right course could be your stepping stone to a new career. You might need to pass certain courses to start a college or university course, or to make yourself more attractive to potential employers. It could lead to you getting a pay rise at work or a promotion.
Alternatively, a course could reignite a passion you once had or be a fun hobby to complete in your spare time. The good news is that you don’t need to attend a physical college to study either as a distance learning course allows you to study in the comfort of your own home or at work. This means that you can fit your course around your family and work commitments.
Once you sign up for a course you’ll receive all the materials you need in the post or if you prefer, you can give online learning a try.

What to study?

There are hundreds of different courses for you to choose from. To help you decide what to study, check out our run down of the most popular courses you might want to finish off:

GCSE Maths

If you didn’t achieve a ‘C’ grade first time around then you may have found that you’ve been held back because of it. Lots of employers want their staff to have at least a C grade and most college and university courses are only open to those with one. 

GCSE or IGCSE English

Like GCSE Maths, having a ‘C’ grade is seen as essential by many employers, colleges and universities. Studying GCSE English from home isn’t an option as it requires controlled assessments but IGCSE is assessed only by exams so can be. English Literature and Language IGCSEs are available and they are the same level as GCSEs so are accepted by many employers, colleges and universities.

Biology A-Level

If you’d like to become a nurse or midwife then you might benefit from revisiting Biology or another science A-Level. Perhaps you had different career aspirations when you were younger or found the course too difficult first time around. 

ECDL Online Course

If you’re looking to improve your CV and appeal to more potential employers then the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) could be just the ticket. This online IT course shows employers that you can use a computer effectively. 

Social Media Courses

This is a relatively new area so chances are you probably didn’t have the opportunity to study this at school or college. There are lots of different areas of social media you can specialise in (for example you could do an introduction to SEO, LinkedIn for Business or Blogging for Business course). A social media course is perfect if you want a job in marketing or business in general. 
These popular courses are just a taste of the courses available with the Distance Learning Centre. Click here to see the full range of distance learning courses or check out the blog.

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