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Spanish A Level Course

Course Format:Hard-Copy (Paper-Based) & Online Materials
Self-Study Time:Approximately 700 Hours (Self-Study)
Delivery Time:2-7 Working Days (Courier Service)
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Gain a Spanish A-Level Qualification

The Spanish A Level Course helps students develop confident, effective communication skills in Spanish and a thorough understanding of the culture of countries and communities where Spanish is spoken.

The course will help students to improve on their existing Spanish skills and build on the essential skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing the Spanish language. 

Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities and self-assessment questions. There are sixteen Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMAs) which include four practice exam assignments and two speaking tests.

Specification and Exams

The Spanish A Level home study course prepares students for the Edexcel Spanish A Level (9SP0) Specification sitting exams in Summer 2025 or in later years. 

The closing date set by tutors for learners aiming for Summer 2024 exams has passed. The closing date for learners aiming for Summer 2025 exams is 10 October 2024.

The Spanish A Level is assessed by two written exam papers and an oral examination:

  • Paper 1: Listening, reading and translation (1 Hour, 45 Minutes) is 64 marks in total (40% of A-level).
  • Paper 2: Written response to works and translation (1 Hour, 40 Minutes) is 60 marks in total (30% of A-level).
  • Oral Examination: Speaking (Between 27 and 30 minutes, including a single period of 15 minutes’ formal preparation time) is 72 marks in total (30% of A-level).

We will admit Candidates for A Level Courses who have a minimum of 4 GCSE’s at grade C and above on the older grading system or 4 or above on the new grading system. For Spanish this should include a grade C/4 or above in Spanish.

Please Note: We cannot accept students who are under 16 years old on this course and all applications are subject to acceptance from the course advisory team.

Spanish A Level Course Syllabus

The Spanish A Level Home Study Course is Divided into Eight Modules Containing 34 Lessons:

The module includes the following lessons: 

  • El cambio en la estructura familiar
  • La evolución de las actitudes hacia el matrimonio, las relaciones y las familias
  • La vida laboral en España
  • Las oportunidades de trabajo para los jóvenes
  • La igualdad de género
  • El impacto económico y ambiental del turismo en España
  • Las oportunidades que ofrece el turismo en España

The module includes the following lessons:

  • Cambios y tendencias musicales
  • Impacto de la música contemporánea
  • La televisión y las telenovelas
  • Los medios de comunicación escritos y en Internet
  • Los festivales, fiestas, costumbres y tradiciones

The module includes the following lessons:

  • Bodas de sangre (1)
  • Bodas de sangre (2)

The module includes the following lessons:

  • AS Listening, Reading and Translation Paper 1
  • Written response to works and translation, Paper 2
  • AS Part 3 – Speaking Test

The module includes the following lessons:

  • El impacto positivo de la inmigración en la sociedad española
  • Las aportaciones de los inmigrantes en la economía y la cultura
  • Los desafíos de la inmigración y la integración en España
  • Las medidas adoptadas por las comunidades locales
  • La reacción social y pública hacia la inmigración en España
  • El enfoque político hacia la inmigración; la opinión pública

The module includes the following lessons:

  • La Guerra Civil y el ascenso de Franco
  • Los republicanos contra los nacionalistas
  • las divisiones en la sociedad
  • La dictadura franquista
  • La vida cotidiana bajo la dictadura franquista
  • La transición de la dictadura a la democracia
  • El papel del Rey Juan Carlos en la transición
  • el Gobierno de Suárez; el golpe de Estado de 1981

The module includes the following lessons:

  • Crónica de una muerte anunciada (1)
  • Crónica de una muerte anunciada (2)

The module includes the following lessons:

  • A level Listening, Reading and Translation Paper 1
  • Written response to works and translation, Paper 2
  • A-level Part 3 – Speaking Test
Free Hodder Education's Dynamic Learning

The course includes access to Hodder Education’s Dynamic Learning with an innovative online subscription service with interactive resources, lesson planning tools, self-marking tests, a variety of assessment options and ebook elements that all work together to create the ultimate classroom and homework resource.

Students will receive free access to an ebook copy of the supporting text book (Edexcel A level) for the duration of their studies. The ebook can also be downloaded via the Dynamic Reader App. The Dynamic Reader App is currently available for IOS and Android devices. You can even synchronise your notes across two devices and this can also be accessed via recent versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Additional Reading

The following books are also required to work alongside your course materials.

  • Edexcel A level Spanish (includes AS) Paperback. (ISBN: 978-1471858314) - The Digital copy is supplied as part of the Hodder's Dynamic Resources.

You will also need to acquire the literary texts which are selected for this course. These are:

  • Bodas de sangre (ISBN: 978-9505811106)
  • Crónica de una muerte anunciada (ISBN: 978-3125356146)

In addition to the textbooks you also need a good dictionary. We recommend purchasing any books after receiving your course materials to make sure there have been no revisions.

Please Note: Students will also receive access to Dynamic Resources, which will be emailed to them. Access to the dynamic resources are available for 3 years, and this will give students a digital copy of the Edexcel A Level Spanish Book. Access to the dynamic resources allows students to make their own comments and annotate the ebook and gives access to the answers of activities within the textbook.

Course Format

The course materials are supplied in a hard-copy format (paper-based) and learners can also receive access to the course notes online through a course portal at no additional charge. 

Learners often find hard-copy materials easier to work through and bookmark but the online access allows additional features such as direct links to YouTube Videos and online quizzes so having both versions available allows the learner the convenience and flexibility of both options. 

There are a set number of tutor-marked assignments (TMA's) in every course. These are designed to help the student to consolidate their learning and prepare for examinations.

Duration & Support

Students will be supported until their chosen examination window. Every student will have access to a course tutor with whom they should keep in regular contact. All tutors are fully qualified experienced teachers holding either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education or a degree in education. Most work from home and are able to offer flexible contact times. The tutor will contact students with an introductory letter and a telephone call to help decide on a study plan. They will also let the student know the best ways and times they can be contacted.

There is no limit on how often you can contact a tutor. The advice and encouragement that tutors provide is an important part of your learning experience. You can contact your tutor by Phone, Email or Post. All tutors have a Freephone 0800 telephone number and most will have Skype capabilities. Whilst you are still actively submitting assignments, you should expect to be in contact with your tutor regularly. Remember, to get the most out of your tutor, you will need to tell them when you need assistance.

Edexcel A Level Examination Centres and Exam Dates

All Edexcel specification A-Level Exams must be taken at a registered examination centre as a private candidate in a registered school or college. The finding of an examination centre and the booking of exams is the responsibility of the student. In December/January students are contacted and advised to start arranging their examinations.

The new Linear format examinations all need to be sat in a single examination window on completion of your studies. Examination fees need to be paid direct to your chosen exam centre. Prices for exams will vary depending on the exam centre’s administration costs so it is worth contacting a few centres to compare prices.

We offer course materials and tutor support although we don't offer the examinations. An Examinations Officer can assist any registered student with finding centres and dealing with coursework forms, but we do not book exams on behalf of students and it is the students responsibility to book their exams. If you would like to research exam centres prior to enrolment then you can visit the Edexcel page for private candidates.

Examination Dates and Exam fees:

A Level exams are only available in the Summer examination window (May/June) and examination fees need to be paid direct to your chosen exam centre. Prices for exams will vary depending on the exam centre's administration costs.

Students can decide to study over a one year or two year period (providing the specification and exams are available over that duration). You can sign up for a course at any time although course tutors set closing dates for students aiming for specific examination windows. 

Please Note - Closing Dates for Examination Windows:

The nearest examination window we can accept learners for A Level Courses is now Summer 2025.

The closing date for courses which require coursework authentication (English Language, English Literature and History) is 15 September 2024.

The closing date for all other A Level Courses is 18 October 2024.

Once closing dates have passed, we can only accept learners aiming towards the stated examination window e.g. Summer 2026, or if more time is needed then learners can choose to aim for the next available exam window e.g. Summer 2027 providing the specification is still available. All learners are required to choose their intended exam window as part of their course application.

Each A Level Course will take approximately 700 hours of study to complete so if you are unsure that you can complete the course prior to the next available exam window then we recommend studying the course over a 2-year period.

Useful Links:
Predicted Grades & UCAS Applications

Predicted Grades without a reference can be offered free of charge to learners providing they have completed a suitable amount of work to judge their levels.

Tutors can also support registered students with their University application but this should be arranged in the previous year to sitting exams and prior to the below dates:

  • 1st August for Oxford or Cambridge
  • 1st December for all other Universities

There is a charge of £100.00 for supporting your UCAS application and providing predicted grades and a well-rounded reference which will incorporate something from each of your tutors and be specific to your application. The payment will be made before the required dates and any reference requests received after this date will incur an additional £50.00 penalty payment.

In order that your tutor has something on which to base a reference and/or predicted grade, you need to have done a MINIMUM of six assignments in each subject you are studying. More is better! Your tutor will want you to succeed so talk to them about your plans; it will help with your application if they know something about you.

If you are at school and are doing an A level as an addition to your school studies, then you will need to check with your school to make sure they will accept a predicted grade or some input into the reference that they are doing for you.

Quick Question

Let us know if you have a question about this course and we will get back to you ASAP.

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