The CIW Web Design Professional Course consists of 2 separate CIW syllabus courses, the CIW Web Design Specialist and the CIW E-Commerce Specialist. When students pass both exams they also earn the CIW Web Design Professional Certification.

CIW Web Design Professional SeriesTo earn the CIW Web Design Professional certification, you must pass both CIW Web Design Specialist 1D0-520 and CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 examinations.

Certified CIW Web Design Professionals must prove their understanding in the areas of Web design and e-commerce and must be able to develop and maintain Websites using authoring and scripting languages, create content and digital media, and employ standards and technologies for business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce Web sites.

CIW Official Training ProviderDistance Learning Centre is proud to be an authorised training partner for CIW course materials and we offer the official Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) self study courses.

Target Audience:

  • Web and graphic designers
  • Web marketing professionals
  • Creative directors
  • Art directors
  • Advertising professionals

The CIW Web Design Professional Course includes the following items:

  • Access to your official CIW 1D0-520 CIW Web Design Specialist and CIW 1D0-525 E-Commerce Specialist syllabus online course materials through our online portal. The CIW online course material gives students access to digital versions of the course books and includes: Pre-Assessment, Exercises, Quizes and Flashcards, Videos, and Practice Exams. (1 Year Online License).
  • Hard copy of the official CIW course books covering the full CIW Web Design Specialist 1D0-520 syllabus and CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 syllabus. (Delivered within 5-10 working days).

Purchase CIW Live Labs or Exam Vouchers:You can also order optional CIW Live Labs (£65.00) or a PSI Exam Voucher (£100.00) when ordering via our website (Valid for 12 months from purchase). Either item can be added to your order as an additional extra in the shopping cart.

Course Content:

  • CIW Web Design Specialist Course Books (Online Access - 1 Year License & Hard Copy)

The Web Design Specialist course teaches you how to design and publish Web sites. General topics include Web Site Development Essentials (such as the site development process, customer expectations, and ethical and legal issues in Web development), Web Design Elements (such as aesthetics, the site user’s experience, navigation, usability and accessibility), Basic Web Technologies (such as basic Hypertext Markup Language [HTML], Extensible HTML [XHTML] and extended technologies, image files, GUI site development applications, site publishing and maintenance) and Advanced Web Technologies (such as multimedia and plug-in technologies, client-side and server-side technologies, and Web databases).

In this course, you will work with popular production tools such as Microsoft Expression Web, and Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash. You will study design and development technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Extensible Markup Language (XML), JavaScript, Java applets, Dynamic HTML, plug-ins, multimedia and databases. You will also explore the extensibility of design tools, incompatibility issues surrounding these tools, and the functionality of current Web browsers.

Click here for a full description of the course contents.

  • CIW E-Commerce Specialist Course Books (Online Access - 1 Year License & Hard Copy)

The E-Commerce Strategies and Practices course is for the individual who already understands the foundations of Web technologies and wants to become proficient in e-commerce practices and site design. To stand out as an increasingly valuable member of a Web or marketing team, you need a working knowledge of e-commerce standards.

The official CIW Self Study Course books cover the complete syllabus for the exams and teach in-depth knowledge and skills with easily digestible narrative and hands-on labs. Supplemental files are included online which will be used in conjunction with your study. An Exam Study Guide provides condensed study material on the specific skills objectives you need to master for the exams.

Skills Taught:

  • E-commerce site development, including ways to conduct business online and manage the technical issues associated with constructing an e-commerce Web site.
  • E-commerce technology and security, including e-commerce technologies at various levels of sophistication, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and practices for securing your online transactions as well as your customers’ personal information.
  • E-commerce business, marketing and legal issues, including Web marketing strategies, online product promotion, and legal topics such as taxation and international shipping.

Click here for a full description of the course contents.

  • CIW Web Design Specialist & CIW E-Commerce Specialist Exam Study Guides (Online Access - 1 Year License)

The CIW Web Design Specialist course books come with an additional Exam Study Guide which prepares you for the CIW 1D0-520 Web Design Specialist exam. This guide include overviews and information on how to take the exams, a table of all exam domains, objectives and sub-objectives, summarised content sections on what you need to know for the exam and sample exam questions.

The Online Course Content includes the following features:

  • Exercises, Quizzes and Flashcards (Online Access - 1 Year License)

Each lesson comes with Exercises, Flashcards & Quizzes. There is no limit to the number of times learners can attempt these. Exercises come with detailed remediation, which ensures that learners are confident on the topic before proceeding. Flashcards help master the key concepts while the Glossary defines the key terms. There is over 800 unique questions including pre-assessment, quizzes, exercises, and post assessment.

  • Videos and How To: (Online Access - 1 Year License)

The course includes videos to help understand concepts. It also includes How Tos that help learners in accomplishing certain tasks.

  • Practice Tests (Online Access - 1 Year License)

The CIW Practice tests are full length tests that closely follow the exam objectives and are designed to simulate real exam conditions. Each course has a number of test sets consisting of hundreds of items to ensure that learners are prepared for the certification exam.


  • Full Remediation: Each question comes with detailed remediation explaining not only why an answer option is correct, but also why it is incorrect.
  • Unlimited Practice: Each test can be taken an unlimited number of times until the learner feels they are prepared. Learners can review the test and read detailed remediation. Detailed test history is also available.
  • Learn, Test and Review Mode: Each test set comes with learn, test and review modes. In learn mode, learners will attempt a question and will get immediate feedback and complete remediation as they move on to the next question. In test mode, learners can take a timed test simulating the actual exam conditions. In review mode, learners can read through one item at a time without attempting it.
  • Live Labs - Optional for £65.00 (Online Access - 1 Year License)

Live Labs gives access to a real computer equipment, networked together and conveniently accessible over the internet. The Live Labs have equipment such as a computer, server, switch or router in it so that a user is free to configure.

The benefits of live-labs are:

  • Exam based practical tasks
  • Real equipment, absolutely no simulations
  • Access to the latest industry technologies
  • Available anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Break and Reset functionality
  • No hardware costs

Please Note - Digital Course Materials: As the Official CIW Course Materials are a digital license, we cannot offer refunds once the access code has been issued to students. We advise students access a Free Trial of the course content from our Online Portal prior to purchase to make sure you are happy with the format and course content. Extensions for the online content can be purchased if you need to extend your studies. We will email students prior to their access expiring to see if they require a 3 or 6 month extension.

  • PSI Exam Voucher (Optional - £100.00 Each)

PSI Testing is a remote video proctoring service and allows you to take CIW exams from the comfort of your own home or office. The system requires an active webcam and stable high speed Internet connection. A live proctor will visually monitor the student and the exam during the entire testing session.


We recommend a good knowledge of IT, computers and Internet/Email use. The course does not have any prerequisites although we do recommend completing the CIW Foundations Associate Course, CIW Site Development Foundations Course or an equivalent beginners HTML and CSS course to learn the basics of Web site authoring and development.

Course Duration & Support:

Students may register at any time. The course is designed as a self-study course but you do have full support from our own support team and from CIW. As the course is self study you can complete in as little or as long a time as you prefer. Students are registered for a 12 month period but can extend their studies if required.

CIW Examinations:

CIW Web Design ProfessionalOn Completion of this course you can apply for the internationally recognised CIW Web Design Specialist 1D0-520 Examination and the CIW E-Commerce Specialist 1D0-525 Examinations. On successful completion of both CIW Exams you will be certified as a CIW Web Design Professional. CIW exams are completed via the PSI Remote testing system.

The CIW Web Design Specialist exam consists of 70 multiple choice/multiple answer questions over 75 minutes and the passing score is 70%. The CIW E-Commerce Specialist exam consists of 72 multiple choice/multiple answer questions over 75 minutes and the passing score is 68%.

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