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10 Awesome Revision Tips

16 May 2016

Ever wondered what your exam results would have been like if you had revised more? According to a recent survey, almost a quarter of 15 to 23-year-old students wait until the day before an exam to start revising! However, research also...


Top study tips for dyslexic students

19 May 2015

The nature of dyslexia means that dyslexic students can have problems with reading writing, spelling, communication and short term memory. Tutors, parents and friends will all have their own advice but no one can fully understand these problems lik...


Can study music boost your marks?

23 April 2015

We all know that revision is one of the most tedious of tasks a student must endure. Some may need complete silence to revise, finding classmates tapping away at their keyboards a distraction. Others find a "quiet environment" can lead to boredom a...


Top tips to improve your memory

21 April 2015

Are you fed up of preparing for test, feeling confident - and then walking into the exam room only to forget everything you revised? We’ve all been there. Luckily for us there are ways to avoid leaving blanks in your exam. Join us as we take a trip...


6 Inspirational Reasons to Study

16 April 2015

If you're at school, faced with a day of trying to focus as your teacher rambles on about quadratic equations, books are going to be the last thing on your mind. And, if you're a mature student juggling your studies with part time work, commitments...


Creating your Perfect Revision Timetable

25 March 2015

We've come up with a fool-proof revision timetable that, if followed, will provide you with the best chance of exam success: Click here to download the Distance Learning Centre Revision Timetable Prepare It goes without saying that your revisi...


What s your learning style?

20 March 2015

It’s hardly breaking news – people learn differently. However, over the years the different learning styles have been generalised as visual, physical (learning by doing) and audible. Simple? Not quite; these learning styles can be dissected down ev...


Student Advice: Coping with Exam Stress

10 March 2015

Sweaty palms? Sleepless nights? Mind working in overdrive? You could be in love, or you could be cramming for exams.  Ah, it's that dreaded time: exams are looming. There can be a lot of pressure from your parents, peers and teachers...


Food for thought: food before your exam

5 March 2015

Some students may not consider the importance of eating the right foods before an exam - well, more fool them. Your brain requires quality nutrition to ensure optimum performance. It's all too easy to get into the habit of eating unhealthily during...


The Top 5 Places to Study

26 February 2015

It's that time of year again - you've prepared a revision schedule, complete with highlighted and colour-coded time slots! This time, failure is not an option... There's still one thing left to still figure out: where exactly are you g...


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