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Information for Private Candidates sitting GCSE IGCSE and A Level exams

28 June 2017

Are you looking to study GCSE, IGCSE or A Level by Distance Learning? To do this you would be classified as a "Private Candidate". This means you will study using appropriate course materials for the exact awarding body specification and then ar...


New PSI Testing for CIW exams

12 June 2017

CIW Exams can now be sat through remote proctoring in the comfort of your own home or at work through PSI testing. To use PSI testing students need to meet the system requirements with an active webcam and stable high speed Internet connection and...


The Advantages of the IT Essentials QCF Level 2 Course

1 June 2017

The Advantages of the IT Essentials (QCF) - Level 2 Course: One question we get asked quite a lot is what are the differences between the ECDL Online Course and the IT Essentials (QCF) - Level 2 Course? In regards to what the course covers and th...


Studying Psychology at Home

18 May 2017

Have you ever wanted to pursue a career in Psychology? If you have already found yourself heading down a different career path, it’s not too late to make your dreams come true, and analyse other peoples’ dreams at the same time! Distance Learning C...


The Study of Child Care

17 May 2017

When you’re already working full time, it can be difficult to fit in anything else, but Distance Learning Centre provide flexible courses that can be fit around a busy lifestyle. If you’ve ever thought about starting a career in childcare, a great ...


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