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Enhance your note taking

26 February 2015

It’s come to that time of year where students frantically pour over textbooks in preparation for exams.    Revision notes, highlighter pens and plenty of paper scattered across the living room is to be expected. These are just so...


Procrastination Nation how to overcome procrastination

19 February 2015

Many of us start a big project with the best intentions in mind, whether that's getting round to building that flat-pack furniture you've been putting off or sitting down to revise for your upcoming exams. But why do we find it so hard sometimes...


The Winner of the December Course Feedback Prize Draw is

11 December 2014

Congratulations to Stephanie Blake from Durham who was randomly chosen as the winner of our Course Feedback Prize Giveaway and has won a Kindle Fire HD Tablet.   Stephanie completed the Human Resources Course and her feedback is...


The October 2014 Kindle Fire HD Draw Winner is

9 December 2014

Congratulations to Tony Clark who won the October 2014 Kindle Fire Draw. Tony signed up for a French IGCSE Course and gave the following feedback about his purchase:   "I needed a distance learning course, Googled it, checked out a few pages...


GCSE IGCSE A Level Courses Important Dates 2015

18 September 2014

Although you can sign up for a course at any time, our course tutors set closing dates for when we can accept students aiming for the next available exam window.   This decision is based upon the time required to study as well as the adminis...


The iPad Mini Prize Draw Winner is

28 August 2014

Congratulations to Graham Garside from Southampton who is the lucky winner of our iPad mini prize draw giveaway......     Graham signed up for the Psychology & Advanced Psychology Course Bundle and this is the feedback we receive...


Kindle Fire HD Prize Draw Winner

20 June 2014

Congratulations to Lesley Dudleston who has won our May Prize Draw to win a Kindle Fire HD......   Lesley had signed up for the Introduction to Counselling Course and this was the reason she chose Distance Learning Centre:   "Easier t...


Opening Doors with Distance Learning?

11 June 2014

How Can a Distance Learning Course Open Up New Doors for You?If there is any doubt in your mind that gaining new knowledge, skills and qualifications can be a life changing experience, you need only to hear about the experiences of other people who...


True Gaming Reviews

11 June 2014

Its always nice to see an ex Web Design student develop a new website. True Gaming Reviews has been set up by Warren Amos who is hoping to build a gaming community where everyone's opinion matters and will offer unb...


May Newsletter

14 May 2014

If you missed it, you can find information on our May Newsletter here which includes all this months special offers. ...


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